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Talk of the Town

The Great Reveal at the Noyo Center for Marine Science!
[posted: August 4th, 2015]

It was a fascinating and informative afternoon at the Noyo Center for Marine Science this past Saturday.   Executive Director Sheila Semans opened the presentation by thanking the community.  “The last two weeks have been so fun!” said Semans.  “It was an incredible community event.”  She said, “I want everyone to feel ownership of these two beautiful skeletons because it was such a fun, group effort.”

Michael de Roos and Michi MainSemans then introduced Michael de Roos and Michi Main of British Columbia.  Their company, Cetacea is a small, family-run company specializing in skeleton restoration and articulation and will be leading the preparation of the Noyo Center’s 73-foot blue whale skeleton.

Female Sea LionMichi talked about the positioning of the sea lions.  Of the female Main asked, “What does her life mean? She focuses a lot on getting big enough and strong enough to have babies.  So, we put her in a posture where she is swimming through the ocean in a dive, possibly foraging for fish for her young.”

Sea Lion skeletonMain said that the males have a really tough life.  “They work super hard to get big and burly so that they can defend their territory and actually mate and have young.  The way they do that is by being super aggressive, so we mounted him in an aggressive stance with him barking or roaring at another male.”

Semans said that the skeletons will be displayed temporarily at Town Hall, City Hall or both.  Eventually they will be moved to the chalet on the former mill site just north of the Cypress St. entrance.

Adding a personal note, Main said that she has been, “absolutely blown away by the community of Fort Bragg.”  She said that she hopes that this has generated enthusiasm for what the Noyo Center is going to be.

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