Fort Bragg, CA is home to many architectural “treasures,” ranging from simple to sophisticated in design, which reveal the history of the town and the definitive role of the lumber industry. Many sites have not yet received designations on the state or national registries, but are here to be discovered.

This talk by Marianne Hurley, Field Architectural Historian, was filmed at the Fort Bragg Library (sponsored by Friends of the Library) on October 11, 2009. The video was produced by Mendocino Coast Television, and you’ll learn much about what you will see as you explore the town:

“The Architectural Treasures of Fort Bragg”

Some Notable Architectural Sites

  • Guest House Museum
  • Grey Whale Inn (Former Fort Bragg Hospital beginning in 1915)
  • Weller House Inn
  • Depot Building
  • Commissary of the original Fort (relocated to 430 N. Franklin Street)
  • Union Lumber Company Department Store
  • Eagles Hall
  • Cotton Auditorium
  • Trinity Lutheran Church
  • Layout of residential neighborhoods: housing lots arranged around alleys
  • Downtown storefronts

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