Paul Bunyan Days 2017: Loggers Versus Ninjas

Labor Day Weekend
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Who’s faster, stronger or more bold – a ninja or a logger?  Find out at Flynn Creek Circus’ Friday and Saturday evening performances this Labor Day weekend. Continuing their tradition of thrilling innovations, the Circus has challenged Paul Bunyan Days prize-winning loggers Allison Chambers and Madison Thomson to use their running, leaping and chopping skills to outperform the Circus Ninjas in contests of speed, daring and courage.

Returning the favor, Paul Bunyan Days loggers have invited Circus performers to show their stuff at Sunday’s Logging Show. Rumor has it an archer will open the show by standing on her hands while using her feet to shoot an arrow at the ax throw target.  Later in the day ninjas and aerialists may drop by to compete in the choker-setting contest and perform suspended 60 feet in the air from the pole-climb tree.

Paul Bunyan Days’ theme this year is ‘Under the Big Top with Paul and Babe’ so it’s fitting that the local Flynn Creek Circus takes center stage in this year’s celebration. If you’ve never seen their show, here’s how their web site describes it, “Flynn Creek Circus fuses comedy, improvisation and jaw dropping skills to create a completely new horizon in circus theater. Each evening the show takes on its own unique identity as the audience’s choices guide the cast through impressive and often ridiculous stunts. Riotously funny, deeply moving and dangerously inspiring, this ‘mad libs’ meets ‘monster truck’ circus is an ultra-engaging, all ages blast.” 

Look for their vintage red and white striped tent on Todd Point just south of Fort Bragg near the start of Highway 20 – right next door to the Logging Show.

Win Circus tickets as raffle prizes from the Belle of the Redwoods or snag one of the freebies given out at the Logging Show.  Better yet, don’t count on luck and buy your tickets on their web site: While you’re there learn more about the Circus and performance details.

Schedule and Parade Route:

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