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Shopping District in Fort Bragg, CAFort Bragg has a lot to offer. What makes our little seaside town special is what we DON'T offer (and proudly so): big box chain stores and all the associated crowds, noise and traffic.

Instead — with the sound of the ocean as a backdrop — you'll discover how individual and family-owned businesses make shopping a delight. Whether you’re looking for art, clothes, shoes, jewelry, lingerie — or basics, like beds, linens sweatshirts and caps — you'll find something to satisfy every taste, need and desire. Stores are small. Merchandise unique. Many items are organic, homemade, handcrafted and made locally.


The First Friday Walk is a monthly showcase of galleries and shops staying open after 5pm in the historic downtown Fort Bragg shopping district.

Where do you start? Of course you can just meander along downtown streets and avenues and explore as you go. Or check out the links below to find what you want and go get it.

Featured Business: FloBeds

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At FloBeds, we take pride in being the original personally crafted mattress company. Family owned and operated since 1971, we ship our famous FloBeds throughout the country and all over the world, and in just a few small boxes, saving you money and conserving natural resources! That's the way we do things at FloBeds. Our original personally crafted mattress, the Posture Select features a 2 layer latex core with a choice of 13 personal firmness variations FOR EACH SLEEPER. In a FloBed, there is no more comfort compromise between sleep partners! Each side is individually constructed to accommodate the firmness of each sleeper. The FloBeds Invention: A mattress you can adjust: Top-to-Bottom, Side-to-Side & Head-to-Toe Top-to-Bottom: Several adjustable layers of Latex customized for YOUR body Side-to-Side: Each side is individually constructed to accommodate both sleeper's firmness needs Head-to-Toe: Pain in your shoulders or hips? Need extra lumbar support? Are you a side or back sleeper? The vZone layer allows you to micro-tune a customized "zoned" layer of your mattress. And don't forget to check out Anne's original Quilts hanging on every wall!
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