Walking on the Noyo Headlands Park Trail—South

Add this new trail to your itinerary when visiting Fort Bragg, CA!
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The Noyo Headlands Park South Trail

located off of Cypress Street in Fort Bragg, CA. Just when you thought it couldn’t be any more beautiful in this town, this trail went right ahead and raised the bar!

Upon entering, you’ll see a parking lot and restrooms.
Once you start on the trail it’ll be surrounded by open fields and headlands..Noyo Headlands Trail

be safe, and don’t stand too close to the edge!


After walking for about a quarter of a mile, there was a beautiful view of the Noyo Bridge and the bluffs looking across.

Harbor View 2My favorite part of this trail is that it is paved for handicap accessibility but if you choose to live adventurously you can wander the occasional unbeaten paths.

Dirt pathWalking further, there’s an even more distinct view of the Noyo Bridge and harbor.

Harbor ViewAlong the way, you’ll come across lots of different picnic tables and benches..it’s almost like a scavenger hunt to find them all!

Then, skip’s punchbowl will be hiding on the left side of the trail. This is neat because it actually does look like a punch bowl if you go at high tide.

Skip's PunchbowlThere’s no shortage of beautiful ocean views on this trail, so make sure to stop and breathe in the fresh ocean air!

Ocean ViewThere are lots of these beauties too, but be careful because they are very sharp, so admire the thistles from afar.

Thistle After about a mile you’ll see this neat looking compass on the ground showing the distance to Mexico, and Oregon.

CompassThe wild cow parsnips are very photogenic so if you’re a photographer, search for these pretty wildflowers.

Cow ParsnipAfter about a mile and a quarter, there’s a spiral rock mound that kids seem to love, and it also has another neat bench!

Mound At the furthermost tip of the trail, a wind-seat sits overlooking the ocean for the greatest finale (walk the trail to see it).

So make a wish on this dandelion for your next trip to Fort Bragg!D

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