Dinner at… North Coast Brewery

There are so many wonderful restaurants in Fort Bragg that sometimes it's hard to decide where to go!
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North Coast BrewingWith the wide variety, and tasty food we have here in Fort Bragg, it can be really difficult to make a decision on where to eat!

The other night, I ate at the North Coast Brewery here in town. At the entrance, there was a beautiful garden area outside the front doors that made it very appealing upon the first glance. My group of 3 walked inside and were seated within 15 minutes in the Sequoia Room where they were preparing for the live jazz to be played while we ate our dinner. We ordered appetizers and split between the 3 of us: calamari, curried mussels, oysters on the half shell, and coconut shrimp all of which were delicious. The jazz group consisted of local artists that sounded very nice, so much in fact that we found ourselves casually snapping our fingers along to the beat! Overall this was a very nice way to spend the evening, and would definitely recommend any of you indecisive-eaters to try out the North Coast Brewery!

Stay tuned for next week’s restaurant experience! 

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