How “Pokemon Go” Has Motivated our Community to Go Outside

Pokemon Go is a new way people are going about socializing here in Fort Bragg!
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Pokemon Go is a new app on smart phones in which the objective is to catch as many of the Pokemon characters as possible until you’ve completed the collection. You can collect items at physical stops around town (yes, you actually have to walk around outside to get to them) to replenish your inventory, and you can also find “gyms” on the map where you can compete with other Pokemon Trainers to take over the gym.

With this generation, many children and young adults have become accustomed to sitting inside all day with their devices instead of going outside, exercising, and socializing. This new app is actually motivating people to be more physically active in order to catch all the rare Pokemon/visit all of the Pokestops, and we’re not talking just children here! Young adults, and even full grown adults are participating in this game.

Just the other night, I myself was wandering around town playing Pokemon Go, and as I stopped at the Skunk Train Depot for the Pokestop, I saw two men (in their late 20’s) looking at their phones on the sidewalk of the Depot. I walked towards the Pokestop and one of them said “You’ve got to get those stops!” and had this app not been so popular, he wouldn’t have known what I was doing, but he immediately knew and decided to say something about it. Not only this but crowds gather together in our local park to catch Pokemon and discuss struggles and successes among each other, creating a bond that wouldn’t have likely occurred without this app.

However long this trend lasts, for the time-being, it’s creating a reason for people to step out of their caves, take a break from every-day stress, socialize, be physically active, and have some fun!


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