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Silky Wave at Ten Mile Beach

Are you looking for things to do in Fort Bragg?  Maybe an escape from the hustle-bustle of the city? A place surrounded by forest and sea? A romantic hideaway? A girlfriend getaway? Family fun time? Sweet solitude?  Here are some highlights of things to do in Fort Bragg.

Fort Bragg, California (pop. 6,500), 150 miles north of San Francisco on the rugged Northern California Coast, is the perfect destination for all that and more.

We’ve got bookshops for the bookish, thrift stores for the thrifty, shops for the shoppers, art for the artists, camping supplies for the campers.

We’re eco-friendly, vegan and vegetarian friendly, pet friendly and family friendly. Of course, you will feel right at home as a couple or a single.

There are no traffic jams, no rush hour (no rushing of any kind) and no parking meters downtown. The air is some of the purest on earth; the  blue-green ocean pristine.

And, we are an official Gateway to the California Coastal National Monument. Let’s go now!

Don’t Miss

Don't Miss

Fort Bragg’s offers the best of California’s great outdoors, but here are four “must-see” attractions: Things to do in Fort Bragg- Glass Beach Treasure, Fort Bragg, California

Glass Beach: actually, we have three and they are the story  of how trash has become treasure. You can walk to two glass beaches from Downtown Fort Bragg. The third requires a trip by kayak.

The Skunk Train: leaving daily from its Laurel Street (downtown Fort Bragg) depot, you’ll plunge into miles and miles of virgin redwoods shortly after leaving the station.

Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens: these 47 acres stretch from Highway 1 (the entrance) to the ocean bluffs. Along the way, you’ll experience a world of colorful plants populated by dozens of bird species.

Point Cabrillo Light Station State Historic Park:  a 300-acre nature preserve with a working lighthouse, this unique state park features two museums, a gift shop, a marine life exhibit, walking trails and picnic tables.


Things to do- Ten Mile Beach At MacKerricher State Park

Things to do in Fort Bragg:  Mild

If you like strolling on beaches, digging your toes in the sand or hanging out in search of wildlife, then our mild pursuits are right for you.


Things to Do in Fort Bragg:  Wild

If you are intent on shaking up your day — in a good way — then there is nothing better than to hit the trail, ride the waves in a kayak or race through the forest on a bike. Check out our video.

  • Horseback ride on the beach – Lari Shea will supply you with everything you need, including a guide.
  • Kayak in the ocean – Jeff and Cate from Liquid Fusion Kayaking will guide you on a safe adventure.
  • Mountain bike in Jackson State Forest – Fort Bragg Cyclery can recommend the best trails.
  • Hike to the Hans Jenny Pygmy Forest in Jug Handle State Reserve – this is one of only four in the U.S. (two are on the Mendocino Coast, a third south in Sonoma County and the last, a private forest in New York).


Things to Do in Fort Bragg:  Girlfriends

Go girls! Gathering your best buds for an amazing weekend away is your goal. Fort Bragg is the perfect escape.


Yes, Fort Bragg has internet and cell service so you won’t be able to cut off the kids’ endless texting, but there are plenty of distractions — and WiFi free spaces — that will allow for a great family outing. Below are a few highlights. Click here for more activities.

Pets OK

We’re also a dog-friendly town where a pooch can get a free ice cream cone and dog parks (the C.V. Starr Center and Noyo Harbor Beach) are a popular hangout for locals and visitors.

Simple Pleasures

After hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, riding the Skunk Train, exploring the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens, stepping back in time at Point Cabrillo Lighthouse or walking through redwood forests, you’ll want to consider some quiet time … time to slow down and enjoy what we call “simple pleasures”—Fort Bragg-style.


Don’t just take our word about the wonders of Fort Bragg. Check out these articles:

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  1. Ray Hade

    It is sad to see SO MANY obviously pillaging what Glass is left at Glass Beach. I wish something could be done.

    1. Samantha crawford

      Its free, don’t worry!

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