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On May 14, 2018, Fort Bragg City Council passed a resolution to re-form the Visit Fort Bragg Committee as follows:
WHEREAS, the City Council has a strong desire to promote Fort Bragg as a premier travel destination; and
WHEREAS, in November 2016, voters passed Measures AA and AB increasing the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) from 10% to 12% and allocating 50% of the increase in TOT taxes received exclusively for promotion increasing the promotional budget from approximately $80,000 annually to approximately $280,000 annually; and
WHEREAS, with the increase in the available funding for marketing and promotions, public participation in the use of these funds is necessary and important; and
WHEREAS, it is recommended by the Community Development Committee to appoint a Visit Fort Bragg Committee that will meet jointly with the Community Development Committee, subject to the Ralph M. Brown Act; and
WHEREAS, the Visit Fort Bragg Committee will be an advisory committee whose main task will be to assist in the preparation, presentation and overall strategy of an annual Marketing Plan and Budget; and
WHEREAS, marketing and promotion expenditures will adopt the city-wide expenditure approval structure with expenditures less than $5,000 approved by City Staff/Department Head; expenditures between $5,000 to $25,000 approved by the City Manager and expenditures over $25,000 approved by City Council; and
WHEREAS, committee members will be appointed through an application and selection process by the Community Development Committee and will represent the Fort Bragg tourism industry with a focus on lodging, serving staggered, revolving terms.
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of the City of Fort Bragg does hereby authorize the formation of the Visit Fort Bragg Committee, meeting jointly with the Community Development Committee, to act as an advisory committee with a focus on the overall marketing and fiscal strategy of the City’s marketing and promotions effort.
Current members are:
Jon Glidewell, Beachcomber Motels
Robert Pinoli, Skunk Train
Debra DeGraw, North Coast Brewing
Anne Semans, Noyo Center for Marine Science
James Sant, Living Light Institute
Katie Carr, Pippi’s Longstockings
Nancy Bennett, Cowlick’s Ice Cream
Community Development Committee- Bernie Norvell and Dave Turner
Project Manager- Aspen Logan
City Staff Liaison- Scott Schneider
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  1. You should put on your website how to GET to Fort Bragg! I am considering a visit but I am having a hard time finding out if there is any public transportation (train, bus) to Ft Bragg and where is the nearest airport. Apparently the only way I can get there is to drive?

    1. Hi Mariah,

      There is a bus (Mendocino Transit Authority) that runs from Santa Rosa to Fort Bragg or vice versa. The nearest airport is also Santa Rosa, but it’s fairly small so Oakland or San Francisco would be the next best bet. The only thing about flying into Oakland or SF is that you would need an alternate form of transportation to get to Santa Rosa, and then hop on the bus that runs to Fort Bragg. Here is the website for Mendocino Transit to see their schedule. is the website for the airport in Santa Rosa. Don’t hesitate to e-mail for any other questions you have.