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A note from California State Parks regarding Glass Beach at MacKerricher State Park:  “All park cultural features are protected by law and may not be removed or disturbed, including glass found at Glass Beach.”

Glass Beach Treasure, Fort Bragg, California

Why Go: To hunt (but not take) sea glass treasure from Glass Beach.

Glass Beach-Hunting For Sea Glass Treasure

The Buzz:

There are actually three glass beaches  — all former city trash dump sites — that cough up beautiful sea glass.

What To Do at Glass Beach: Search for rare ruby reds (from pre-1967 auto tail lights) or sapphire gems from apothecary bottles. Snap a photo, but leave the glass behind for others to discover.

Local Lore: From 1906 to 1967, everything from cars to batteries to bottles, cans and appliances were unceremoniously pushed over the cliffs into the ocean — a common practice of seaside cities for centuries. Mother Nature responded to this abuse with a nice surprise in the form of smooth, colored sea glass treasure in a rainbow of colors.  Be sure to visit the Sea Glass Museum, owned and operated by Capt. Cass Forrington, a retired sea captain.  There you’ll discover the world’s largest permanent sea glass exhibit.  The museum is now a must see for all visitors to the Mendocino coast.

Otsuchi PointBest Picnic Spots:   Otsuchi Point, about 1.5 miles south of Glass Beach #3.  On the rocks and cliffs overlooking Glass Beach #3 (the most northern of the three beaches; located in MacKerricher State Park).

Getting There:

From Highway 1, turn west on Elm Street (Denny’s is on the corner) and drive a few blocks to Glass Beach Drive. Park at the intersection and walk down to the beach.

Coastal Trail Brochure Map

Learn More: Frequently asked questions.

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  1. i hunt for glass all over the state and have no problem taking old garbage. I just make sure i leave new garbage for future generations to enjoy;)

  2. Janette

    Bunch on cry babies. Take pictures, buy a postcard. You can’t take home the redwoods or harbor seals but you still go for the experience!

  3. Zach

    This is a beautiful town and the beach is definetly worth seeing. But if it illegal to take glass what is the glass musium for .They sell sea glass jewlry there in addition manny people come every year with baggs full of macanicly tumbled glass and poor it on the beach to raplace the amount of glass on the beach.

  4. Ann M Goulding

    So, we traveled from Washington State to go to the Glass Beach as it was on my wife’s bucket list. She has been collecting beach glass from the same beach for over 45 years. Her grandparent’s home was on the beach on Whidbey Island and to this day, you can go out on the beach three times a day and collect glass. There are people walking the beach every day picking it up. It NEVER runs out. Sometimes, you collect huge pieces and sometimes smaller than a dime, but there is always MORE. I’m so disappointed that you’re not allowed to take it. What’s the point in allowing people on the beach, just sell postcards of the beach instead.

  5. Thank you for posting this awesome article. I’m a long time reader but I’ve never been compelled to leave a comment. I subscribed to your blog and shared this on my Facebook. Thanks again for a great post!

  6. why dont they put limits on how much you can take instead of just can’t take anything? I know my daughters love to take some for their friends and collections.

  7. Geez

    I love the fact that they are protecting it for future generations, generation ME(those selfish angry people who are posting), this isn’t about you. Preservation is a good thing, give the adults of tomorrow the opportunity to enjoy the world. CA I love you and your green rules. Those who want come will be replaced.

  8. Kare

    on September 18, 2016
    “I have to say that everywhere I’ve ever gone, Paris, Rome, I have brought back a little momento of my trip…….”

    So you steal little pieces of Roman antiquities and think it’s ok to be self entitled and disrespectful?

    There’s a reason why the Colosseum posts signs asking visitors not to deface or carve names on the 2k year old walls.

    Taking a little souvenir sea glass when expressly asked not to is defacing a national landmark.

    If you all want “a little souvenir” go to a shop and buy a postcard.

  9. Liz

    I know of at least one person who collect sea glass there and sells it on eBay. I bet there are many others too. =(

  10. Modocca

    People are greedy. They used to remove the sea glass by the garbage cans full.You can still find real sea glass one other beached…you just have to look really hard.
    I have seen where people make their orn sea glass using a rock tmbler.

  11. Beach dweller

    There are plenty of beaches along the California coast where you can still find beach glass. You just have to look 🙂

  12. I have lived in the coastal town of Laguna Beach for most of my life and with the growth of social media, our town is now overrun with people year round. Our beach patrols and lifeguards now have the thankless job of trying to educated or protect visitors who are clueless or careless. The coastline was being loved to death until it was declared a marine sanctuary. It was a hardship for our fishermen, but the win has been the amazing comeback of kelp, shell animals, and schools and schools of fish….and now even otters!

    As my lifeguard friend said, we are forced to have all these laws, because people don’t think of others only themselves.

  13. D. A. Buhr

    Just a bit is below regarding some laws about California parks. I think there may be similar laws in national parks and parks in other states.

    I don’t know why but I am stunned that so many people are so ignorant about not taking glass from Fort Bragg beaches. If glass were taken, most of it would eventually be thrown away. It would only be a matter of time. If you just must have bits of glass, I think you can make your own glass with a small rock tumbler.

    When you read the comments from the selfish and angry people on this site, stop and think about the teachers that teach the children of such people! I feel so sorry for those teachers!
    “…….4306. Plants and Driftwood.
    No person shall willfully or negligently pick, dig up, cut, mutilate, destroy, injure, disturb, move, molest, burn, or carry away any tree or plant or portion thereof, including but not limited to leaf mold, flowers, foliage, berries, fruit, grass, turf, humas, shrubs, cones, and dead wood, except in specific units when authorization by the District Superintendent or Deputy Director of Off-Highway Motor Vehicles to take berries, or gather mushrooms, or gather pine cones, or collect driftwood is posted at the headquarters of the unit to which the authorization applies……”

    Rules and Regulations Summary
    California State Park Laws were established to protect the park resources, to administer the parks and to maintain a park atmosphere. All the following sections are contained in the California Code of Regulations. All sections are misdemeanors which carry a maximum punishment of 90 days in jail and/or $1,000 fine. This is only a partial listing of the State Park laws which apply statewide…..”

  14. caligirl

    If the dump was closed in 1967, it has taken a very long time for the ocean to smooth down those pieces of glass. Making a deposit of a bottle to create new beach glass to replace what you take is a silly idea. There would be trash all over the beach–sharp dangerous pieces of glass that would create a hazard. Locals selling ‘sea glass’ may well be manufacturing it in a rock tumblers just so people can take home a souvenir after seeing the beach. There used to be an abundance of seashells all over beaches too. But the impact of people collecting and polluting has changed that too. The people who visit and come away disappointed at the lack of glass are having that experience because others take the glass home. It’s not rocket science here.

    Sure, California is overly regulated in many areas. But, it has also long been a cutting edge leader in environmental protection. The people complaining about this ordinance probably want to sit in restaurants and airplanes chain smoking cigarettes too. Haters gonna hate, as the saying goes.

  15. Rhonda

    I’m gonna start selling my stash on Amazon!

  16. Michele smith

    It’s trash. Take it anyway. What you going to send people to jail for removing trash from the beach. It isn’t normal and makes no sense. Your preserving it like it’s worth something if it disappears- that’s a good thing right? Trash on the beach??? Just because trash washes up deny make it right to protect it. I don’t really care about the poor tourist come in the future take the glass people. Take it. Who cares it’s trash. Your cleaning up the beach for free.

    1. Hazel

      Actually a lot of people care ,thank you very much . You shouldn’t be so greedy and take some pebbles cause in the future there will be nothing left and who’s fault is it ? Yours , that’s right . So cut the attitude people

    2. Hazel

      Actually a lot of people care ,thank you very much . You shouldn’t be so inconsiderate and take some pebbles cause in the future there will be nothing left and who’s fault is it ? Yours , that’s right . So cut the attitude people

    3. Jes

      “But I WANT it”

      Selfish jerks

  17. Michele smith

    California is the most overly governed state with the most ridiculous rules. So you can’t take the sea glass because you fear it will disappear. Yet you fight every rule on environmental and worry about crap like global warming. It’s trash okay, it isn’t worth anything. It’s trash, and there is plenty of it. It seem that protecting sea glass, like protecting the delta smelt are so really stupid rules. Take the fun away, who cares if the glass is gone one day, then all your trash will be gone and you will have beautiful white beaches without trash covering it. Get real. Preserve the sea glass -ITS TRASH THAT WAS DUMPED IN THE OCEAN. WHATS NEXT – you want to preserve the aluminum cans too????

  18. larry williams

    Dear outraged citizens who want to take the glass from the beach. It is like a museum or any natural beauty attraction. If you take it away, there is nothing to see. My wife and I went in about 2014/2015. We were sure that we would see something that resembled the photos. Sad truth, we saw nothing. Biggest let down ever. Did not see any glass, just sand. So, leave the glass alone so people can enjoy the beauty.

  19. Kris Soleil

    it takes YEARS for sea glass to be made naturally by the sand and waves. if you’re a real sea glass hunter, you can tell the difference if the sea glass was made artificially or not. replacing the beach with artificial sea glass wouldn’t have the same authentic effect.

    that being said, if you’re making the decision to visit the beach, follow the rules. simple. I don’t understand why people have to act so entitled to things that aren’t there’s. this property isn’t yours. get over it. don’t put yourself in a situation that is unavoidable.

    I am a sea glass collector, and I know many other spots that have rare sea glass and sea pottery finds. do your own research for beaches that will allow you to collect.

  20. John Doe

    So disappointing. I’m not driving all the way there if I can’t take a few pieces as mementos. If all I can do is view it, I can do that online for free any time anywhere. I understand the reasoning behind the prohibition but…no.

  21. Kelly C

    OF COURSE YOU SHOULD NOT TAKE MOMENTO’S, GLASS FROM THIS BEACH. Its too bad there had to even be an ordinance to prohibit people taking from this beach. This behavior should never been done in the first place. I think its great there is an ordinance. If everyone took away from this beach there will be no glass beach to see. Its that simple. It just like shells in Hawaii. They all should be protected because people are so selfish they cant figure out how not to take just because they are not monitored. Leave the dang beach alone. Go an enjoy but don’t take a piece with you when you go. Its very simple and the right thing to do. Cheryl

  22. JOHN

    If EVERYONE who comes to the beach takes the glass away, (and shame on anyone relying on it for jewelry sales) then eventually there WILL NO LONGER BE A GLASS BEACH. IDIOTS.

    1. Pat

      Thirty years ago my wife and I were there for a brief vacation from Santa Rosa. We stumbled onto the beach and found it incredibly beautiful and rich with blue, green, brown, clear, and red glass. A couple of years ago our daughter went there to see this marvel that mom and dad had spoken of. She was terribly disappointed. All the selfish people had taken the glass away for stupid souvenirs and there was none left to admire.

      1. It takes about 25 years for glass to get somewhat rounded and frosted under the conditions at Glass Beach. At that point the glass is about 30% smaller than the original shard. It is now 50 years, so the glass is about 1/3 of it’s original size. Guess how big that glass is after another 25 years. By itself, the glass is disappearing. It will not be there for your children even if no one takes any.

  23. Theresa Bailey

    A friend of mine just returned from there and gave me glass from the very beach. So, how in the world do they even patrol this? Whatever. If this is a trash dump site with tons and tons of generations of trash then there will probably always be sea glass there.

  24. Art

    The police never enforce it. They dont care. I know this as a fact. I go there and take sea glass often. Anyone can.

  25. Bonnie Reimer

    lots of angry folks here. I should have visited before the ordinance. I LOVE sea glass. But also think to have a renewable and ongoing source of beach glass, more needs to go in the water. I would be more than delighted to bring, blue, red, purple or whatever to help with the renewable resource. if it is clean, it is not polluting. and yes, over time, you will have a lovely sandy beach.

    1. Art

      Complete b.s.. There is no law on the books…no ordinance saying you can’t take sea glass from Fort Bragg Glass beach. The police will not cite you it’s all a big lie. Go there and take a pocket full of sea glass.

      1. Sharon Davis

        Hi Art, you can find the city ordinance here. It is Ordinance 915 item P, passed 07-13-2015, which states, “Removal of beach glass is prohibited at Noyo Headlands Park.” Noyo Headlands Park is where Glass Beach site #2 is. Site #3 (just north of Site #2) is part of MacKerricher State Park. It is a misdemeanor to remove any artifacts from State Park property.

  26. jane newcomb

    We visited a few years ago before the new bylaw came into effect and did bring home maybe 6 pieces. tourists coming and taking a few pieces is not the problem. I have found a woman who lives there in town, she is on instagram, she also has an etsy shop, she has shelves full of jars full of the glass!! she sells it, and is profiting from it. She has pictures of herself collecting the actual glass off the beach! Now that is the real crime. Perhaps Fort Bragg should look a little closer to home for greedy people. We certainly have no intention of visiting ever again, as we also got a parking ticket when we parked where they had the whole big new parking lot under construction, parking was chaos and not organised. We were so careful to not block any driveways, watch for hydrants etc. We had to get the owner of the B&B we stayed at to write a check to mail away to somewhere in southern California because after many phone calls to city hall, and the police station, we found out there is no way to actually pay a ticket in town. Last year a friend was visiting and she was picking up glass to look at, not even intending to collect any because of the new rules, and she got basically yelled at by someone, treated so badly. Another person who will never visit again. Soon the glass will all be ground to sand anyway, and then how will you promote your town? Best place to get an unfair parking ticket? Best place to get yelled at and made to feel like a criminal?

    1. Katrina

      Thanks for your information will not be going there after all.

  27. Jamaal Johnson

    People should be able to recycle. Leave a broken bottle and take some glass pebbles.

  28. Dean

    I know a lot of u know that California Once Belonged To Mexico and Mostly Every Major City Starts With San, or Los……
    In other words Stop being hypocritical about Trash That was Dumped in The Ocean it was probably Relatives of the People Who Stole Or Took Over CALIFORNIA WHICH WAS ONCE AGAIN MEXICO,….and now they’re worried about A Wall To Keep Mexicans Out, Outrageous!!
    I BET U ANYTHING That If Anyone Of U Knuckleheads throws One Single Wine or Beer bottle in the Ocean U Will Get A Hefty Fine!!
    So Take all the Glass U can Get Ur Hands on because when it’s Gone It Will Be BACK TO NORMAL……And for all Those hypocritical Rich people Who Have Nannies, Gardner’s, Cooks, in their homes or Businesses And if Those So Called illegal Aliens Got Deported California Would Belly Up….


    1. Many people are picking up the glass to just turn around and sell it. The tourists come to Glass Beach to enjoy the beautiful glass. When it’s gone, the tourists will stop coming. I don’t think scavenging large amounts to sell should be allowed. If that is stopped, it might be possible to allow individuals to take a piece or two before it turns to sand.

  29. Sue

    Its hard…I started collecting beach glass when I was in Italy. I now collect or try to collect at every beach I go. I have friends that bring me glass from all over the world. However, I also work for a State Park on the North Shore of MN where agates are the hunted. We also have rules as to not take the agates and leave them for all to discover. The 30 years I have hunted agates on the North Shore I have noticed fewer and much smaller because of so many ppl wanting the prize. I understand the reason for the rules, but, I am sad too as I would like to collect the glass as a memory of being there. There really isn’t a great solution.

  30. The glass will turn to smaller and smaller pieces until it is sand. I brought home a cup full- as I had not seen this page.

  31. My opinion is two-fold:
    It’s a fact that people are entranced by the beauty and wonder of our seaside. And, of course, want to carry a piece of it home.

    FACT: That driftwood, agate or glass will almost never look as good on your coffee table as it did on the beach. Likely it will be ignored in the back of a drawer until its thrown out.

    I think its ok to take a piece, the best one, home. Just not a bucket, that’s just greedy.

    Once I scoured Casper beach after a storm and found several palm sized abalone shells. As I was leaving I spoke to 2 couples, tourists, welcomed them and gave them some of the shells, because I felt bad for robbing them of the discovery.


    When I go to Rome next year I’ll be visiting an ancient garbage dump that is now an archaeological site call Monte Testaccio. Do you think the Italian authorities will mind if I try to bring home a 1500 year old clay olive oil jar? Heck, it’s just garbage, right?

  33. Joe Romey

    I’m just wondering how the people complaining about not being able to “take a few pieces of beach glass” home with them feel about mosquito bites?
    Each mosquito only takes a little bit from you. But millions of mosquitoes coming at you?

  34. Leroy

    I hear two sides in this…. Either you are a mememe person or you are a preserve the beauty for future generations person… Black and White….. I think this attitude is foolish… We are all takers albeit some more than others. We consume, that is what life is. If I eat, something has got to die or taken from it’s natural habitat. I live in a very small community that is dealing with some of the same types of issues. Regulations don’t work they only slow the carnage and allow lawbreakers to flourish while law-abiding people suffer. I want the future generations to see the beauty that I grew up with. The only way to do this is with self sustainable practices. Limit what people can take and find a way to replenish it. Start a local glass group to collect glass and in a safe way begin putting back to the ocean… It may take 50 years to create but that is the only way to assure it will be enjoyed for the foreseeable future. IMHO

    1. Pat

      I agree that the glass should be renewed.

  35. Wow, the people objecting to the ordinance not to remove the glass are really stupid. Must be part of the me, me, me generation. Do they not understand that if you allow people to remove the glass, it will eventually disappear and there will no longer be a glass beach for others to see? What part of that is so hard for these nitwits to understand?

  36. While I do understand about the preservation of the beauty of sea glass. Only in this state (that I was born and bred in, but can’t stand politically) would they preserve something that is essentially garbage. hahah! My child loves sea glass, we search for it whenever we go to a beach. It would break her heart if we go to this beach, I guess I’ll have to find an adjacent beach where trash is not protected.

  37. Leslie

    Leave it to California to regulate trash now too… wow. I would have loved to come and look, and maybe take a piece as a remembrance of the memories I had there. Why go if I can see the pictures on line? Really California!?

  38. Brad Crawford

    How about a little voice of reason on this particular subject?

    First off, there is the concern with the locals how the diminishing glass would effect their livelihoods. There are some towns in this country that exist because of tourism. I am sure there are people who live in Fort Bragg who’s livelihood depends on tourist’s dollars. Also, this part of Northern California was destroyed financially after the timber industry was gutted. Some people turned to another type of “cash crop” but the majority just left.

    Years ago not many people knew about these beaches but now, with the advent of the Internet, people from around the world want to visit it. There’s a big difference from having three or four dozen people walk on these beaches over the course of a year and now there are thousands. This amount of people really do cause wear and tear on the natural environment.

    I make jewelry. What a lot of you don’t know is that naturally found sea glass is a coveted item. It’s considered rare and of high value. Yes, there is artificially produced sea glass but it’s not the same to the trained eye. Being able to saying your sea glass that you used in your pendant came from the ocean increases your ability to set a higher price. If collecting sea glass was allowed within a short period of time all the glass would be removed. Yes, there would be people who would back their trucks up the beach and start shoveling the glass into the bed of their trucks. In recent years sea glass has become very popular in the jewelry trade.

    Yes, I myself do not like be beaurocrats telling me what to do, but in this case it’s justified because of the limited amount of the glass. There are other beaches that you can still collect sea glass. Remember, You can’t go into Yosemite and pick up a pine cone and take it home with you.

    I know that some of you are using the argument that the glass was originally just garbage, but this whole scenario is from a particular place and time in history that can’t be duplicated. Do you really want people to start throwing bottles into the ocean to replenish the supply?

    The most important thing everyone is missing is the amount of people who are in the world today and the amount of people who come to visit this beach. Back in 1975 no one cared about this place and I’m sure there was an old me maw that would walk the beach with a bucket and pick out the choice pieces and sell them through mail order. Or the random photographer that would throw a half dozen pieces in their camera bag as a reminder of the shoot – That time is long gone.

    I live within walking distance of a very popular tourist attraction; the Forrestierre Underground Gardens. Every day people from around the world park their rental cars or get out of tour buses alongside the road and walk into the gardens and take a tour. They come from everywhere…England Germany, Finland, France…everywhere. The place is known more in other countries than the United states. I visit the small market across the street every day and I get a chance to talk to these tourists. Somehow they have found out about this small little special place. There is an ever present concern with the owners about how the foot traffic may one day cause the gardens to collapse. The same situation exists with Glass Beach. As a native California my only other favorite spot is Nitwit Ridge but unfortunately it’s not open to tours. The place has become a California historical site.

    That’s it, that’s all I got…

    1. Kyoto

      Well,if the locals at Fort Bragg drink more glass beverages and they throw it into the ocean,then there is bound to be more sea glass within the up coming years.Think of it as the lifecycle of nature,we throw more glass into the ocean,the ocean spits up more sea glass,and the beach will be renewed again.This is a possibility that can be very real,and it is easy to do.For the 7,250 people that call Fort Bragg home,it is your responsibility to feed the glass beach and hopefully the tourists that come here will contribute to it all.

      And people will be able to take sea glass from the beach because the locals and the tourists will be feeding the beach.Think of it as a pet,you have to feed the 38 acre pet periodically and it can replenish itself.This law that is getting people so fired up can easily be solved.Also,where do the locals that make sea glass jewelry get the sea glass from?If the locals are entitled to getting the sea glass from the beach,then that is very unfair.

      I understand all of this keeping the beach clean and everything,but if we just feed the beach,then people can take the glass because there will always be sea glass that is anew.And to the state of California,please review all of your options to preserve the beach before you ban people from taking the sea glass.

      Also,Brad Crawford,people have common sense,I do not think that they will shovel sea glass into their trunks.

      1. Michelle Johnson

        Ok actually Kyoto, people are taking glass. In buckets full and large trash cans full. It takes decades to turn regular glass into those smooth pebbles. So our children will have to wait till their 50 maybe. And the rate it’s going there might not be any. Here is a link.

    2. LeAnn

      I agree with those who want to preserve this beauty. I have never seen the glass beach. The first thing I thought of is getting some to take home, but after reading some of these comment’s, I understand why they must have these law’s. It’s all about selfishness, as for me, I would love just to visit and take some great photos. Well done. Keep up the good work.

  39. traviler

    I’m with the rest, scratch it off the ‘bucket list and head down Highway 101and no stops.

  40. Karen

    C’mon people! Do you go to a museum and take home a souvenir?
    Just enjoy the Glass Beach and move on

  41. Wake up people. I was born in California and will die here too. I remember the natural and unnatural resources I used to enjoy when I was a child that are no longer seen. It’s a shame we cannot pass this heritage to our children for them to have the same memory. Stop being a “taking” society and give something back. Leave it alone. Imagine if everyone took a piece of a redwood tree when they left as a “momento” from Muirwoods north of San Francisco, what that national treasure would look like. Makes me embarrassed to be a native Californian and a human being.

    1. Dave

      I will be there in 1 week. I have about 25 wine bottles I will be bringing with me to break on the beach. Since it is illegal to pick it up, it must not be illegal to leave more.

      1. The broken glass you leave will cut someone’s feet not the same as what is washing up and has been smotthed out. If I ever visit I will take at least one piece that’s only fair for a souvenir .I know if everyone takes one piece nothing will be left.but I find. Sea glass not only in places like that it also washes up on Florida beaches in Jacksonville. And not only I take it. But others also.helps keep our beaches cleaner. No one is trying to harm the beauty of the beach.

  42. It was on my bucket list too. I will cross it off. I have wanted to find a piece of sea glass my whole life. I have dreamed about it. I would not get a bucket of it. Just a few pieces. I agree it is going to continue to break down until it gets smaller and smaller and disappears. Why not add more glass, so that it will continue to be “Glass Beach”. So more and more generations can enjoy it and take home a FEW pieces of this glorious treasure. Limit the amount they can take.

  43. Grace

    I am planning to come visit the Glass Beach in 3 weeks. Any sea glass there now?

  44. I would like to do a home visit with all the people who are complaining that they can’t take home a souvenir, and take home a souvenir of my own from their homes. I am sure they would understand.

  45. Amy Amsterdam

    I love all the people blaming the government for regulating the pillaging of such an amazing attraction. What they fail to understand is that without them, we wouldn’t have to make these laws….if everyone treated our shared spaces with respect and consideration, we wouldn’t need to regulate with laws….unfortunately, people’s own collections are more important than preserving for all of us to enjoy.

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    You are invited…

  47. a.d.

    Effing idiots……go to the Eiffel Tower, and bring home a couple of bolts ??? Maybe you’d like to stop by Arlington and chip a few chunks off the headstones…..they’ve got plenty. No wonder we are having the current political circus. This country seems to have more self-centered, greedy people every day.

  48. The same applies to Pebble Beach near Santa Cruz. You people here who think it’s ok to rape the beach of it’s beauty don’t get it. Really sad. Oh and just for measure, you can’t take Petrified Wood from the Petrified Forest in AZ either for the same reason. Is it sinking in yet?

  49. Tonia

    Just do like they do in Hawaii with the rocks…tell everyone it’s taboo and they will be cursed if they take it until it is returned…

  50. Kim

    No, it’s not the same. The ocean will always produce the shells. The sea glass was a result of glass that had been in a nearby dump, which is no longer there. When it’s gone, it’s gone!

    And it would be impossible to limit what people take because some people are greedy and don’t know limits. There are always those who must ruin it for everyone else.

  51. Put some broken colored glass in a rock tumbler for 5 days running and voila, seaglass!


    Rock tumbled sea glass is nothing like finding a piece of it. No two pieces of sea glass is alike. If you tumble it all your shapes come the same way. You can tell the difference if you collect sea glass. If you go to a store to buy sea glass earning and they are shaped the same they are not real sea glass.

    1. Dee

      Just head up to the Lake Erie Shores… You can always find pieces of sea glass washing up there after years of dumping in the lake. Sad but true.

    2. No two pieces are alike if you put the bottle in a bag and drop it. Cultured sea glass is different. That’s where they look the same shape etc.

  53. Bruce

    The comments here are interesting. I’m in the “take only pictures, leave only footprints” camp. Fact is, this beach (which I have not visited) it enticing because of how mother nature produced something beautiful from the folly of man.

    As many pointed out, if everyone took only a couple of pieces soon there would be no beach glass for anyone. If you are in doubt, my wife points out that twenty years ago (when her parents lived in the area) there was little glass to be found.

    Actually, it would be interesting to have pictures of the ebb and flow of glass to teach the lesson about what happens when a minor act is amplified by the number of actors.

    Oh, and if you really want beach glass, invest in a rock tumbler (places like Harbor Freight sell them for under $50) and make your own. Really easy and not only do you divert your waste, but you get to pick your colors.

  54. Mary

    My husband and I were there last year. We got to experience one of the beautiful glass beaches. While we were there we saw people with gallon size bags not bag but BAGS, picking up sear glass. I spoke with a woman who had grown up in the area and she said that when she was a teenager at one point in time the beach glass was several feet tall but now it’s only maybe 10-12 inches thick.
    So I respect and thank them for making this a law. That way the sea glass will be there for others to experience.

    And for those wanting to have the sea glass of Their Own. Just walk the beaches on the coast. I have found sea glass at different beaches. Including down by LA all the way up to the state of Washington. But be careful because a lot of places do have a law that you can’t puck it up there either.

  55. Kim

    I’m in complete agreement with this ordinance! Man ruins everything! Leave it to man to destroy the beauty of somehing natural, given the opportunity. If people were permitted to remove glass, how much should they be permitted to remove? What is to keep people from bringing buckets to remove glass, or how about truck loads? I suppose California can just throw more garbage on the north side and wait another fifty years to replenish! I’ve witnessed children removing live starfish and sand dollars from the beach only to take them home to boil and bleach them while their parents encourage it! Have some respect for nature! Come on people! Leave it alone.


    I have lived in California my whole life an never once heard about this beach till today when a friend posted a picture of it. I can understand wanting to keep an preserve this beach it is breath taking from the pictures i see, but i can’t understand is by telling people its illeagal to take any of the glass will only want to make people want to do it even more and how can they tell if people accaully do take it do they do a whole body search on everyone who visits. Next they will say people are forbidden to collect sea shells from all beaches

  57. Ashley

    Wow the greed and entitlement up in here is astounding. Why not take a photo as a souvenir? Do you really need the glass? This whole “I only want one piece” mentality is a problem. It’s like if everyone spit out their gum on the sidewalk and said “it’s only one piece”. What do you think would happen? The sidewalks would be ruined collectively.

  58. Kg

    I would like to see this place. I don’t care if I can or can’t take glass home. I would take some cool photos. I do think, however, it would be cool to use recycled glass and tumble it and add it back to the beach. It would allow people to see the beach and also take some glass (and save some from going to an actual dump).

    1. shannon pulce

      Great positive Response!

  59. KF

    I’m wondering if all the people who are so upset about the inability to take glass home, would visit the beach if all the glass was gone?

  60. Melanie

    I live in the Bay Area and I was at Glass Beach yesterday. I was completely disappointed. The beach is really nothing like the photos that have been shown on the Internet or VIA magazine. False advertising for sure. Beautiful view of the ocean but that’s about it. Here is an idea. Glass Beach should sell sea glass or at least man made sea glass so people will not leave empty handed. Then the beach should take the proceeds and add broken glass the the sea for all future visits so no one is left disappointed….like me.


      I agree with you meline

    2. Bill

      I agree 100%. One way to make a destination liv is to add to it or create a never ending monument to recycling in a different way. Bring some glass, take some glass. Stop making crimes, and people criminals

  61. Chase Martin

    State Park Employees: I think the regulations are great and important way to save the glass on the beach for future Generations. But PLEASE put up more SIGNS discouraging people from taking the glass. There are very few such signs at the beach. A lot of people seem to be taking as much as they want and seem clueless about the regulations. A good location would be before going up a set of stairs to leave the beach!!

  62. Doug Wheaton

    I am a seaglass collector and it disappoints me that the restrictions are for financial reasons. Furthermore I would not make the trip just to look at glass. So you have lost the $$$ I would drop into the local economy. Thanks but I will stick to my east coast beaches where I am free to collect the trash that nature has returned to us in the form of a sublimely beautiful gift.

    1. I am an avid sea glass collector. I had planned to go out of my way to visit. This beach is no longer a priority. Suggestion: each winter they should smash lots of blue bottles and any red glass they can find as well as lots of regular bottles. Then they should let us beachcombers have our fun.

  63. Mike

    Glass beach is a total joke! The pictures they show are from 50 years ago. Was just there in 07/2016 and the only glass you could find was either brown from beer bottles, or green 7-up bottles (the most common, no pink, etc.) …A total sham on the Internet. Too bad they did not enforce no glass removal 50 years ago…too bad people were still taking glass away by the plastic bags full when I was there. Don’t be fooled, very little glass is there…don’t waste your time here. Why have laws about removing the glass when there is no one out there to enforce the law. Laws are jokes when they can’t be enforced (Check out our gun laws.) Go see the botanical gardens; way more beautiful and so much more to see and enjoy! Glass beach is a memory, despite what the internet shows you.

  64. Nunya

    Amazing. The selfishness of people. But then, we have created a generation of selfish people. Can you not see that the very thing that makes these beaches beautiful, and what gives you the marvelous memories, is the sheer quantities of the glass and that when you take the glass you not only deprive others of the same delightful memory, but you piss on the memory itself? It is the same concept as people who go big game hunting and rave about the majesty of the Cape Buffalo or the Lion… Just before shooting it to death. Look, but leave it. You Morons.

    1. Beyond belief

      I couldn’t take part of The Great Wall of China home with me, but still went ! I couldn’t take an elephant with me from Thailand (they’ve got lots), but I still went anyway . You can’t always get what you want , despite your mememe attitude, you will get what you need . Ahh probably not , selfish lot of people !

  65. Larry Maughan

    All these excuses to justify selfish desires. These are the same people who’d go to the petrified forest and try to break off a piece of petrified wood. After long there’s nothing left. HANDS OFF!! Leave it for your kids and their kids and the others around who may only see this once in their lives. If it’s not controlled then the items which will replace the “glass” will be real trash, wrappers, cig butts, cans, plastic sacks, plastic bottles all those things that will ruin it for good.

  66. IreneMoghis

    Oh please, we should respect the beach and not take the glass. Let’s respect nature and stop being selfish… me me me me needs to stop people. We are already destroying our earth because all we want to do is take take take. Ugh get a clue people.

  67. Cherie

    The city should invest in rock tumblers to either replenish the seaglass, limit the amount people can take or sell the tumbled glass if people want to buy it.
    problem solved!

  68. glass beach is lame… i and many locals send tourist there so they will clean up the old dump… the idea the city wants to ticket people for taking glass is a farce designed to get the locals attention off other local city corruption…

  69. My suggestion is start dumping all the recycled glass your community produces at different locations and let nature takes its course, just saying

  70. Dee

    Not sure why everyone is reacting so strongly about this ordinance that says you can’t take glass from Glass Beach. We recently visited the Smokies, and there are signs everywhere saying that taking a rock is forbidden. In an effort to preserve a place of beauty, we all have to work together to not dismantle or be destructive in any way of that place. I guess if everyone took glass from Glass Beach, there wouldn’t be much to look at when the next guy got there. Can’t we just enjoy a place without taking something from it?

    1. Kim

      Thank you! I don’t understand why people don’t get this!

    2. Geri

      I am planning a Spring Break trip for my family and Glass Beach in on our list of places to visit on our road trip from SF to Jedediah State Park on our way home to Washington. I am sad to read so many complaints about not being able to take glass off the beach. Why can’t we enjoy what we see without having to take, take, take? Take a picture it lasts longer!

  71. I recently moved to California & would live to see some sights, but this one I will definitely pass on now, just not worth the time to go state at sea glass!

  72. I live in Alaska and frequent the beach in Seward. Sea glass washes in on EVERY high tide and has since the tsunami in 1964. The glass is still coming in. No doubt the same will happen in Glass Beach in Ft Bragg, unless someone turns off the tide. Is there a limited supply I ask?

    1. Elizabeth

      Yes there is a limited supply, it looks nothing like when I was a kid, watching it vanish is truly sad.

  73. baxter monroe

    Hey Mike and the rest of you whining that you can’t just take stuff. wtf is wrong with you? if everybody going to every park took what they wanted, like a piece of Mt Rushmore, dig up some plants, pick a bunch of flowers, take home a few this or that… think about it. you’re calling it garbage, yet, it IS the attraction here. so, no, taking it is not cool, sorry

  74. Chuck Tyler

    My wife said it’s likened to going to Mt. Rushmore and chipping off a just a small piece of a nose for a souvenir. If I took some glass, it would end up in a drawer and get lost.

  75. K

    I have read most of the comments i think people saying other people are greedy for wanting to go to this area and be able to have some sea glass is ridiculous if they want tourists they would let them come and not give a crap if they took home some of it and telling everyone there a 500 $ fine who tbe hell is going to go there not me nor alot of other people yes everyone goes there for the beauty but we like taking some home to remind us of that time and maybe we make something with it so the town doesn’t sell any of it this is all about money not about saving and preservation talk about greed yah i think this is backfired. I won’t be visiting

  76. Mike

    Three years ago I stopped by your beach during a quick pit stop on the way to San Francisco. It was nice, but not all that everyone is making it out to be. And I didn’t take any pieces because it was mostly small, basic glass. Maybe I wasn’t in a prime area? Fast forward to today…

    I was planning a two-night stop in Fort Bragg this fall to further investigate sea glass beach. And yes, I planned on taking a handful of glass as a memento. I am a glass collector. Not bulk, but hand-picked “nicer” pieces. Tens years of collecting = about 40 pieces. I live just outside Victoria, on Vancouver Island, and we have a well known glass beach here in Sidney. TONS of glass from historic buildings on the pier many years ago. Not refuse thrown into the ocean. And yet we have no restrictions on collecting. People bring buckets. Funny thing is that after every storm the beach is fully replenished. Do you really think that all your garbage glass has been brought onto shore? I would bet there is a lot more the ocean will throw back. Your new regulations now have me bypassing Fort Bragg.

    Let’s see… 3 days of meals, gas purchases, souvenirs and 2 nights lodging. Lost so you can “preserve” your garbage glass for future generations. I imagine as word gets around that the police will bust you for taking pebbles from the beach will have more than me deciding that a stop in Fort Bragg isn’t warranted. In the long run, this is going to bite you in the butt.

    1. Elizabeth

      Good we would not want your thieving to impression or children anyway. Enjoy vacation other places.

  77. Jennifer

    I honestly can’t believe what I’m reading when I see all these comments from people who had planned trips to California who will now be changing their plans because they can’t take home some sea glass? Seriously? I’m starting to think (and hope) that this is just one person writing under multiple names. How about appreciating the beach, taking some lovely pictures and leaving with the memories? Why is it so important to take the glass? I’m 99% sure you’ll have no use for it when you get home & like everyone else with a brain has already said, you’ll just end up throwing it out when you tire of it because unfortunately we live in a disposable society. Love seaglass that much? Buy a few pieces…I’m sure someone on Etsy sells it. And to the person who said they can’t tell their 5 year old who collects “treasures” that he’s not allowed to take any glass? Why not? Kids need to be given boundaries and I’m sure it won’t send Junior to therapy if he’s denied his beach “treasure” that day. They put the rules in place for a reason, and this one hopefully ensures that more people will be able to enjoy the glass beach since unfortunately some people are too greedy for their own good!

    1. Bill

      Public domain is now private government property? Oxy-moronic? How about making it a superfund site and shipping all this leaded glass to Kansas

  78. Why not just Create the glass in a rock polisher and sell it at the beach in a bag? Beach stays, and makes money off of the souvenirs!

  79. Alison Ravasdy

    Was planning a trip but now we are not going, maybe drive through. There are ither beautiful beaches you can collect sea glass from . Monterey has a few.

  80. “The beach is now visited by tens of thousands of tourists yearly.[3] Collecting is discouraged on the section of “Glass Beach” within and adjacent to the state park,[2] although most of the sea glass is now found on the other two glass beaches outside the state .

    …there you go.

    1. Kim Adams

      were are the other 2 glass beaches locations

      1. Hi Kim,

        They are just south of the main beach within a half mile on the same trail.

  81. it appears we have become a society of whiners. Obviously people were walking away with buckets (or large quanities) of glass. I am fairly sure this is a correct assumption as we all know so many people are greedy. The glass will replenish itself but not at the rate it obviously was being taken. So “suck it up buttercup” and play by the rules or don’t play.

  82. Thanks to all who have understood our point of view on taking glass from Glass Beach. It is recognized that the glass will eventually break down regardless of people taking it off the beach or not. My questions to those of you that choose to take it anyway, is it worth a $500 fine? What would you have done with the glass? In the past when there was no ordinance for taking the glass, almost everyone I knew had at least a piece of the beach in their homes, and eventually it would just be thrown away with no second thoughts.

    Also, responding to the argument that Glass Beach is just pollution, so it’s a favor for the glass to be removed: it has actually become home to all kinds of sea life in the little tiny area that is Glass Beach.

    I would much rather see a beach naturally erode over time and possibly become beautiful sand from what it once was than to see a beach become empty because people needed to take a shopping bag full of glass as a memory of their trip. How would you feel if people came to your hometown and took away what was close to your heart?

    Thanks for all of your responses.


    1. Glenys Wolmarans

      How disheartening, Casey – afrter your patient logical explanation folk still just don’t get that they shouldn’t come and loot the attraction thus selfishly ruining it for others! It’s like those who graffitti on cave drawings, smh!

    2. You ask what would I do with it? I would get a small container or frame and put it in there to display it in my home along with my other beach treasures. Or I would get a necklace made with it or a bracelet. With the piece that “I” found. I would search for the perfect piece. (perfect to me). I would treasure it.

  83. Lujuan

    I would take it any ways! Think the town is using the beach for there own greed of tourist actually. Also I would like to point out that the glass is going to erode any ways. Some of you will argue that by taking the glass it will go way faster from the beach. I understand that. The law saids it will fine you. I ask you who is enforcing that law? How many families have visited with there young children who are rock collectors? I don’t know if all you people understand what the word erosion means? Any for those of you that what to call me greedy you are correct. I would take it anyways!

    1. patrick

      Lujuan, you and the other people like you are exactly what’s wrong with this world. Obviously you care about yourself and no one else. The world would be a better place without people like you.

  84. patrick

    I must say I’m just amazed at some of these posts. First kudo’s to Fort Bragg protecting glass beach. Someone has to and when I come there I will be taking pictures of anyone I see taking glass off the beach and reporting to the city. I get extremely irritated that people don’t understand why places are protected and respect it, even in State Parks and National Parks. There’s nothing worse then getting home and going through pictures at a National Park and seeing carvings in a tree or a rock because someone felt the need to let everyone know they were there. Some of these posts here just show how greedy people are and it’s all about “me”. Some of you with children that have made comments about not going, good, then don’t. You should be ashamed raising your children that way. Take your brats somewhere else then. Someone made the ridiculous argument that the glass will be broken down to sand and gone eventually anyway. Probably won’t happen in my lifetime but imagine as it does break down more, multi colored sand, wow that would be awesome to see. Leave mother nature alone and let others enjoy it for crying out loud.

  85. Travel thousands of miles and hudreds of dollars to see glass that you can’t take or break a few bottles and put them through the stone polisher? Quite easy to decide.

  86. Angie

    If I ever go there, I am taking a piece home with me… TOO BAD!

  87. Monica D

    I think the restriction is well put. If everyone took a little, it would be a little less beauty of the beach. Til eventually it’s all gone. People are quick to destroy anything to make a buck. Sad. How about you all go out, collect rocks, buy a rock tumbler and create your own shiny stones to sell. Put in the work that this lovely beach has put into making such beauty. But by all means, please leave the work of mother nature at her side where it was meant to be. Give everyone a chance to enjoy the scenery & the fun of treasure hunting.

  88. Well I was going to bring my family while we are visiting the redwoods but decided not to waste my time after reading all this. Heaven forbid my six year old puts a piece of glass in his pocket.

    1. Beth Townsend

      That’s exactly my thought Kevin! My 5 yo son is completely enamoured with rocks, crystals, “treasures”, and anything geological. He would be over the moon to see this place. He is constantly pocketing rocks and such that he finds when exploring outside. How could I possibly take him here now? I don’t want to risk getting fined if my 5 or 3 yo end up taking a few “treasures” without me knowing. Not worth the risk and not worth the stress of trying to make sure they don’t take anything. It’s a bummer because it would be such a great learning adventure for me child. I understand the rule and am not one to break rules but it seems a bit harsh. The rationale makes no sense to me since it will all eventually erode down to sand in time leaving no glass rocks. Unless the glass is being replaced,this law doesn’t make much sense. I’m sad because I would have loved to see the pure joy on my sons face if we were to bring him here. It’s just not worth the stress of worrying he might take something. Taking this place off my list for the foreseeable future.

      1. Mmmollusk

        Just to clarify, those saying they won’t take their kids to see the beach because they aren’t allowed to take a momento, you do understand that this is the same rule that already exists in all state and National parks, correct? So, you won’t be taking your kids to see ANY protected lands or landmarks because it is pointless to bother with the experience if you can’t take something physical? What a message to teach your children.

  89. Melissa

    Bummer that you can’t take at least one little piece. My kids would have loved that. Guess we’ll just have to pass on this beach on our coastal road trip.

  90. Marie

    Is there a a beach where we can pick sea glass?

    1. Kristin Suratt

      No, it’s best to leave the glass so that many more people will enjoy it for decades to come. Also, there is now an ordinance and a steep $500 fine for removing glass..

  91. Harry

    This is balance rock in Massachusetts, another Natural wonder destroyed by Vandals! Graffiti leaves no good pictures to such a beautiful and wonderous natural phenomenon! Any questions as to why we should protect these areas? I have been to many, many sites only to experience the same dismal consequences!

    1. Kristin Suratt

      Very sad..which is why we need to keep educating people to leave our pristine natural world for others to enjoy. Thanks for sharing, and let’s all work together to see that this kind of thing does not continue to happen..

  92. Harry

    I have been to many sites only to see Devastation and demise, graffiti and public looting! I have been to plymouth rock last year and it is an unimpressive small Boulder in a cage sitting in the ocean! This is because millions of tourists chipped away portions of the rock before it was protected! Leave the glass trash or not many locals depend of it because they make their living off of Tourism ! Think of others not yourselves!

    1. Kristin Suratt

      Good point! The more people like you talk to their friends and neighbors about this issue, the more likely it will be to improve behaviors and safeguard the natural world. It’s like the anti-litter campaign years ago. Our highways had been strewn with litter before we instituted an anti-litter campaign and a fine for littering. There is now a $500 fine for removing glass from Glass Beach. Let’s be the change we want to see. Thanks for being a leader in awareness of this issue!

  93. Sandra Tafoya

    Genevieve, I totally agree ,and what a waste on tax dollers in court costs for a little harmless fun , to t ally ridiculously petty

  94. Sandra Tafoya

    Fort Bragg is really getting shitty if you can’t hunt for sea Glass that’s terrible that’s what’s so fun and exciting about going

  95. Heather Wichlaz

    People have taken so much, that there is hardly any glass left. It’s nearly gone. When I was a kid the beach was all glass, you had to dig to find sand….now it’s hard to find the glass. 🙁

  96. Genevieve

    I am a California native, 46 years. Born at the Presidio.

    I love sea glass. When I go to Glass Beach i am going to bring home whatever i decide and if i get fined then i get fined. The rule is ridiculous and faulty.

    Why is the public allowed to remove sea glass here in Half Moon Bay at the State Beaches?

    Fort Bragg people! If you are afraid collectors will deplete glass beach of your bread and butter why don’t you create another looney tunes ordinance that requires everybody to replenish it with new bottles?

    Sea glass collectors cant be stopped and shouldnt be. Sea glass is like precious gems. Let us enjoy ourselves.

    Glass lovers! Go to linda mar beach in pacifica. Used to be a dump, i leave there with a pile of glass after an hour. Rare colors, large pieces,and its 15 min from sfo. I swear by linda mar its the best i have found. Doesnt look like much just dig and its there.

    1. To Genevieve posted on July 16,2016: You are one self-indulgent person. If you love sea/beach glass so very much, buy yourself a tumbler. Stealing is wrong. To think that you are going to ignore the law because you are above the law is just plain ignorant. To your comment that sea/beach glass collectors can not be stopped, if enough sea/beach glass collectors get fined, they will be stopped because not many people can afford $500 and a misdemeanor on their record. I am appalled that you believe you are so superior to all people and the laws do not apply to you. There are kind and considerate people who just wish to enjoy the sea/beach glass and do not have to take it home. For many people who steal the sea/beach glass, when they get it home it ends up in the garden of a house that is sold, under the dirt or in the trash. Believe me, a tumbler is considerably less expensive and you will not have a record. Let us hope that karma is not returned to you by someone else who thinks the law does not apply to them.

  97. Debbie

    To all the people asking ” if it’s trash, then why not take it?” My question is, if it’s trash, as you call it, then why would you want to take it home???? When I was a kid growing up in Oregon, we would go to the beaches summer and winter and there was drift wood every where. Back then people took it home by the truck load for landscaping and my parents were no different. Now most of those same beaches don’t have drift wood like they use to. People use to take star fish and kill them with salt so they could have a “free” memento. The glass beach is an attraction because of the glass. The glass that comes up onto those beaches is not an infinite supply. People keep taking it, eventually there won’t be an attraction left. Why is it that people can’t just admire something and take home JUST a picture and memories. Why do we have to remove things that in a few years we will just throw away anyway? You want sea glass??? break some colored bottles and go buy a rock tumbler.

    1. Jacqueline

      Thank you, Debbie, well put. Never been there, but would like to visit sometime, as long as there is sea glass available to be appreciated. But if people keep on taking it as mementos, then there may not be any left. Same rationale as why we shouldn’t remove ants from the trails when you hike…if everyone takes it, even though it is “free,” there will be nothing left.

    2. Jacqueline

      *I meant remove “plants” and, while on the subject, the uniqueness of this particular areas is precisely the fact that nature and time have “polished” our trash. It is an educational experience to show it to children who visit it. It makes no sense to take it.

  98. Sharon

    What a disappointment, I am booked to visit my grandchildren and was going to take them on a trip for a couple of days to Fort Bragg, we will pass on it now

  99. Deb S

    Ok, but WHY is it OK to take broken glass from other beachs all over the u.s. ??

  100. Justin

    the next thing will be, that you can’t even take sea shells from the beach!!!! Ridiculous over reach by an out of touch government, that drives businesses, families and tourism out of california!!

  101. Irving Hardy

    Mendocino is in the Emerald Triangle. They have plenty of tourist. For the Emerald Cup alone. I think people on this post complaining about future tourist are unaware that, that area is the promise land for outdoor grown pot. There will be no shortage of visitors in that area anytime in our near foreseeable future.

  102. Irving Hardy

    I find it hilarious that people who go all over the world and take everything. Put ordinances in place to stop behavior they created and live by.

    The island of Tasmania has no surviving Tasmanian people what so ever. Because of how much Europeans take! They have eradicated a whole race of people into Extinction. But you can’t take trash glass from a beach

    I’m sure before they started the dumping. There were a entire wildlife habitat that would’ve appreciated it if they didn’t take their home. Pollute the land and water. And then stopping people from removing the glass. A substance that only benefits man. Until we have no more use for it.

  103. Lydia Larson

    Some of these comments are crazy..rules are is what it is..go somewhere else if you don’t like it..I myself wouldn’t be able to resist atleast one piece I’ll just go somewhere else that allows you to take a little.

  104. Sheila

    I also agree 100% why the ordinance was put in place. That’s the whole reason why i am taking the kids to go see the glass on the beach. When I last visited which was before I had kids so many years ago i still remember the beauty, even if it was glass made from trash. It still made quite an impression. If there was no glass then I think eventually there would be no tourist-thus less economy for that area. I do respect and can appreciate the new rule. I will be visiting real soon!

  105. Kim

    Is there a bbq grilling area?

  106. Casey Davis – so, after reading all these selfish people’s comments about why they can’t desecrate what is supposed to be a beautiful beach (it IS a national park after all!), is there any sea glass left at the beaches to enjoy viewing? I’ve been wanting my family to plan a trip up that way for a few years now, ever since a coworker told me about it, in order to see the beauty that is exemplified in the photos. Would the trip be worth it?

    1. Yes Terry, great question. Here is a picture I took at glass beach (those are my feet and a friend’s that was visiting the area) about 3 weeks ago. As you can see there are a lot of different colored pieces of glass and I sat there and picked through it and found many pieces that were ruby colors, sapphire etc…There are also some pottery pieces here and there which are really neat to find! Glass Beach

      1. Thank you, Casey, for answering my question so quickly! I love the picture also! I will definitely be looking into booking a campsite in the (hopefully) near future, so we may enjoy this beautiful sight!

      2. Sabrina barger

        Casey Davis, my family and I are coming for a visit this weekend. Can you tell me do we have to pay to get to the beaches??

        1. For the most part they are all free (glass beach, pudding creek, mackerricher, big river beach) The only one that will charge a day fee is Russian Gulch State Park.

    2. Beach lover

      I don’t understand all the hypocritical BS. One minute you’re complaining that you can’t pick ” treasures” off the beach and the next minute you’re calling it “garbage” if it’s just “garbage” what’s your big need to take it with you? Are you dumpster divers too? I was just there today and sadly it no longer looks like the pictures. Thanks to all the “garbage pickers” stop all your selfish whining and just enjoy it’s beauty, take some pictures and go home!

  107. Susan

    Rebecca Lorenzen, you are the reason an ordinance like this has to be passed. You want to go out there with a SCOOP for heavens sake.

    1. Susan

      Ad opposed to just picking up a piece or two.

    2. Valerie

      Those that think it’s OK to take glass, PLEASE stay away from the Smoky Mountains, The Blue Ridge Parkway, Appalachian Trail, Glacier National Park….and many more. These parks are for generations to come, not just for YOU. I just crossed over the Smokies two days ago, if YOU and all the millions of others that come visiting take as you please……..we wouldn’t have a flower left, a stone unturned. Those of you that want to take glass by the SCOOP fulls are the kinda people that rape the lands by clear cutting. The same people that put the trash there to begin with….Try thinking of your children’s, children……and so on..! Greed is greed be it money or glass from this Beach. Prayers for this community.

  108. People are complaining about not being able to take glass from this beach. I just discovered this online today and plan on being in CA next year. Sure glad it is being protected so I get a chance to see it. National Parks also have signs for their protection. It is necessary to preserve… an endangered species.

  109. J Sullivan

    Part of me agrees with the “leave it where it is” rule. The other part of me would like to have a memento of the beautiful Glass Beach. This destination has been on my “bucket list” for many years simply because it’s pretty and I’ve always loved rocks of any sort. I do have an issue with all the glass jewelry makers. Have had conversations with a few of them and many say they get their glass from other areas/countries. However, I find it hard to believe that none of them get their glass from Glass Beach. That’s just not the way of the world. Do they sneak in there and pilfer in secret……………….OR is there some sort of arrangement between the Glass Beach authorities and certain jewelry makers…………………..Just curious. Thanks for listening.

  110. Lelah Paull

    I just read a story of Pele in Hawaii. And it being said don’t take anything from the Islands like rocks shells or sad. Due to bad luck. If you don’t ask. I received a bag of glass rocks from friend there quite a few years ago. I thought they were beautiful. I’m going to visit soon and bring back the rocks given to me. They belong there not because I believe there’s bad luck with them. Just because they belong where they came from. Thank you for this article.

  111. 2BADSOSAD

    Just a note to those who decided that MORE tourists would be visiting just to see and photograph the glass… you are simply NOT correct. I’ve been planning a trip there (to stay and spend money for a week or two) AND collect a few glass mementos… well that’s not going to happen now. TOO BAD for Ft. Bragg. I think you’re going to lose tourism money on this decision. It’s garbage that is going to erode anyways, you should’ve allowed the meager collection while you had the chance.

  112. dean

    I understand where everyone is coming from with there attitudes about not being able to take the glass trust me I collect sea glass myself and would just love to fill a bag full of glass but then I think about other people traveling from around the world to see this beach full of glass and they arrive here at the beach to find nothing but sand it would be pretty disappointing

  113. Stacy Kings

    I completely understand this regulation. If you guys want sea glass, go to another beach that allows it. What makes this beach so special is that the glass used to seem abundant and that there used to be a lot until so many people and tourists came and picked it all up. People would show up to see the beauty of the beach but there would be no glass left to actually see. This beach is about appreciating nature for the amazing things it does to the mess we’ve created. Sea glass is beautiful and amazing and while it is fun to own some pieces, it’s just as fun to see them and leave them for others to enjoy. Besides, the hunt of finding sea glass is what makes the glass worth having. Coming to this beach for easy pickings is just selfish and greedy and you aren’t really there to actually enjoy or appreciate the scenery. And so what if the glass will just naturally erode? Glass will still appear on the beach as people will continue to pollute.

    1. Allie

      Well put Stacey Kings!

  114. Stephanie

    I am saddened to see the glass can not be collected with limitations. My family and I are leaving Florida Monday for our first 2 week vacation in California. Found out about the glass beach on Pintrest and booked a hotel for two days there until I saw this thread and I will be asking for a refund tomorrow morning and looking for somewhere else to take my children. I don’t understand the preserving it for future generations theory when it will eventually be naturally depleted anyway. It is not greedy to want to make memories with your children! One day when our children are older and we are gone what a precious memory it would be to have in a keepsake box a small piece of sea glass from our first family cross country vacation and them see the piece they personally picked out with us and squeeze it and smile…. Remembering the love and beauty once there. But instead, I will continue my research for a different idea with my kids. If anyone on here has an idea please feel free to email me We are heading to northern California on Monday, June 12th and will be flying out of Sacramento Kings 28th, 2016

    1. Hi! While you’re in California, I hope you can get to the North Coast and visit HUMBOLDT County. Redwoods, pristine beaches, rivers, mountains, cool summers [hotter inland], etc.

      1. I can’t wait to visit in August. I do hope there are places that sell sea glass jewelry. Even if I could collect it, what would I do with it? I can see both sides, but I am excited to visit. There are so many naturally beautiful places to explore, the redwoods, sequoias, etc. I would love to just get a beautiful picture and have it framed. California, here I come!

        1. We’re glad you’re able to join us in Fort Bragg soon! For everyone who has commented here, from time to time, we’ll be updating the blog on this web site, “Talk of the Town,” with posts about Glass Beach and other attractions in Fort Bragg. Here is a link to the most recent post about Glass Beach:

  115. Genevieve Saxton

    I know that here on Half Moon Bay it is illegal to collect rocks, fossils, plants etc but they do not restrict anyone from collecting and taking sea glass. The glass is not a natural occurance and removing it does not negatively impact the environment and it does not take away any unrealized enjoyment of future generations. What i notice, and believe is ridiculous oversight is the tourists trampling all over the rocks during low tide, peering in to tide pools and sometimes they are part of a tour led by Park Employees….with every step these clueless sheep are stepping on and crushing anenomes that cover every inch of the rocks! A person can not step on the rocks and NOT kill something.
    Sea glass gets smaller and smaller until its reduced to a tiny grain of sand. It will be gone either way by collecting or by ocean tumbling.
    As usual, the ones in charge want to profit from or restrict something that we all receive enjoyment from.
    Its a waste of time to think about and a waste of time to even address. Such a mind trap.

  116. Entitlementioned Thinking…. Me! Me!! Me!!!
    Bet your going to vote for Donald Duck….
    Oops I meant Trump..
    Leave the world a better place than you found it.. Ask not what my country can do for me…
    Ask what I can do to make my country great.
    These are the Quotes that make USA GREAT.

    1. SnowSquatch

      Ahh, political jabs as well. If you want a state that’s over ran by radicle Muslims, riots in the streets by “Black lives matter”, and the freedom of speech and free assembly taken away, just vote for a democratic fool again.

    2. SnowSquatch

      There’s an easy solution to this problem. If you take some glass, please leave some glass. If everyone would just dump all of their broken beer bottles and other sorts of glass on the beach, Mother Earth will kindly erode this glass for future generations to enjoy. And while you’re there, hug and kiss a tree and worship an owl. We wouldn’t want to offend and forest critters by paying attention to sea garbage alone.

  117. Freddie Flintoff

    Pickup trash from the road if u want. Picking up glass from the beach by saying its trash is stupid and selfish.

    1. Remy Limos Zacarias

      Oh yeas, how can one keep on saying it’s trash and STILL want it? There’s something in between. Could it be greed? Oh well…

  118. Shirley

    Wow. I honestly wanted to go there until I learned what it is. Garbage. Really. I can not go visit and condone the littering that created it. No matter how beautiful it appears. So sad. Yet Mother Nature still finds a way to cleanse herself of humans disgusting treatment of her.

    1. Jennifer C

      As usual, sickened and sad to be part of this race. Thanks for the regulations. My kids and I have never been. I’d love for there to be something left when we can finally make the 4 hour trip someday.

  119. Well I was all excited, until I seen u can not collect, what once was trash and as far as further generation, well what part of it will return it’s self to sand. so how do u figure that generations will be able to see it, when it its self will make sure that won’t happen. O i belive that’s what photo are for, so all can have memories. No one should have the right to fine you 500 dollars for picking up trash, plain crazy. Well good luck, for me I’ll plan my trip at another beach!!!

  120. Robert

    I recently visited Glass Beach for the first time in many years, and I was shocked to see that most of the glass is gone. I am sickened by the comments from selfish people who think only about taking, and don’t care what they have destroyed.

  121. amanda

    put a limit on glass
    everyone wins
    i wanted to take my mom here until i found out u could not remove the glass. if u cant take the glass then
    selling jewelry made of it should not be allowed

  122. Kyla

    By not taking the glass, future generations will be able to enjoy this beach just as we all have. Why would we not want to preserve such a beautiful place? People need to start giving more than taking. This is a vicious cycle of greed. Shame on those of you who feel you’re entitled to take what is not rightfully yours regardless if it is “garbage” or not.

  123. Dennis

    $500 fine for collecting glass, $500 fine if you go down to the best beaches. The only reason to go to these beaches is to collect a few beautiful treasures as the beaches are not the great. My advice is to boycott Fort Bragg until they allow you to legally collect glass. They could even limit you to 10 pieces if they want to feel better about preserving the glass. The ocean will gind it to nothing eventually anyhow.

    1. Hazel

      Well then we should preserve it for as long as we can , and I would go there just to SEE the place. Not everyone is like some of the people commenting here and is greedy enough to take it for themselves. Oh , and by the way to some of the people at the top or if anyone new is reading this , if we throw more glass in , well the glass is gonna be sharp right ? It will affect the environment , hurt animals , make the beach a painful place to go , become a safety hazard for many decades as it took many decades for the previous glass to become safe and smooth-pebble like. Mm-kay. Horrible how some people here say teens are inconsiderate and then become greedy themselves. Sad how a 14 year old must enlighten people here.

  124. Nancy

    I guess some people will never understand nor be able to enjoy beauty without touching/taking it and ruining it for others/ future generations. I see this in my own (what use to be) Small Town, Auburn, California, also a tourist area in the Gold Country. Citits! What can I say!

    1. Cynthia

      I just watched a segment on this beach. I love sea glass. I can see both points of this. I will add that the meteorologist states that the sea glass will continue to erode and eventually be tiny particles as it started and they ended the segment with reference of the ocean recycling….why not regulate…let someone purchase a small (very small) jar with a lid to put some pieces in and that way they can enjoy it and people won’t be putting handfuls in their pockets.

  125. With all the trash in California alone, and the huge recycling efforts you would think there would be someone who could come up with a happy medium. Dumping (some how safely? bagged, netted?) bottles to be recycled in the waters off shore could potentially provide more glass and homes for sea animals, Win win, I’m thinking. But how? What about a glass island created by man and sculpted by Mother Nature? Instead of a “No!” when there is an obvious demand for it.
    This place in SF called Building REsources sells recycled tumbled glass. You could recycle and tumble your local glass off shore naturally and sell as souvenirs, for landscaping. I’m buying some for jewelry.

    Think creatively. How nice would it be to have a fusion of humans and natures to make such beauty! Why do you think people want it?

    1. Angela StGermain

      Shelly Mack… that is brilliant! My vote is for Shelly’s idea.

    2. Tina

      I agree with you wholeheartedly. I understand the point of preserving the natural sea glass for everyone to enjoy. However, I think it is only natural for people to want to keep a small reminder of the beauty of the beach. Your suggestion is a happy medium. I would be more than willing to purchase a man made piece instead as a compromise. They should sell bags of it there at the beach on your way out or even some beautiful jewelry pieces that one could take home as a reminder. Everyone wins!

  126. Liz

    So is it closed now?

    1. Sharon Davis

      It is open and in fact our new coastal trail has enabled people to access areas that haven’t been open to the public in over 100 years!

      1. Did you remove any of the glass to make the trails? That would be a $500 fine for each piece.

      2. I just cant believe people are getting so uptight about ground garbage. Just think of all the pollution that seeped into the ocean that were the remaining contents of the bottles. I understand the idea that it’s a wonder to behold in some eyes, I understand the want to collect some of the stuff as momentos. I can see the potential for people to just strip mine the glass and make a profit out of the stuff. What I don’t understand is people calling it a natural wonder. It’s just another trash beach in California, only this one probably doesn’t have used condoms, medical supplies, dead fish, dead animals, or overdosed junkies lying about on it….

  127. Also, keep in mind folks, Glass Beach is part of Mackerricher State Park so it is a misdemeanor to take any artifacts away.

  128. Johnny

    Makes sense to me. If beach combers take the sea glass all away then there will be none for future generations to enjoy! Limitations help with preservation, a very obvious point. Don’t be so greedy Mary, no one said you had to stop visiting the beach after 12 years, just stop taking sea glass!

  129. Hi Mary,

    I’m with YOU.. The glass IS garbage that has been ground down over the years – AND will be ground down and GONE in the years to come. It’s too bad the city “dog-in-the-manger condo Nazis have taken their share and now want to close the “treasure” too anyone else. I’d bet Casey has his share of the glass.

    No – not from California but we have similar “management teams’ operating in and around Fort Myers, Fl..

    I believe “the glass” will be longer remembered in collections like yours.

    If the only tourist enticement that city has is “ground garbage” they better re-think there tourist strategy.


  130. Heather

    I agree, I was really interested in going until I read you couldn’t take the treasures you find. If it’s trash then why not let people take it? So what if it becomes rare, that would only make it better. Trash would be cleaned out of the ocean and the glass would be even more sought after due to the rarity of it. But no I his keeping the ocean full of trash is better.
    …thanks, but no thanks. I’ll just find another place to explore.

    1. umeko

      i agree with you heather but i think it is fair to not take the treasures you find because there gonna lose the treasure and there might be none left am i right

  131. Mary Peterson

    I can’t believe the restriction on sea glass!!!!!! Fort Bragg has so much to lose!!!! We’ve been going there for 12 years & now we must stop???? Your town will surely suffer! The glass is garbage!! I’m getting everyone I know to get onboard rejecting this.

    1. Casey Davis

      Hi Mary,
      The city ordinance in which people were no longer allowed to take glass from the beach came into effect August 12, 2015. The reason for this is because it’s important to preserve the beauty of the beach. If this hadn’t come into effect, many people visiting our town would be left disappointed. We’d like to continue to preserve our beautiful beach for years to come.

      1. I don’t understand, Glass Beach is glass beach it was a trash dump sight. So now it’s illegal to take glass from the beach? What about the people I see who sell their glass beach jewlery from the Glass Beach itself. It was trash, now it’s beautiful trash…….why is it illegal? Seem strange to me also seems like you would loose a lot of tourists.

        1. I understand everyone’s concern and disappointment about not being able to take the glass, but we actually get a lot of tourists coming to our town just to see glass beach. I work at the visitor center here in town and people come from all over and tell me that they’ve come to see the world famous glass beach. Places all over the world have ordinances such as this to preserve the beauty for future generations and tourists to enjoy. We’ve enjoyed it for all of these years, and so wouldn’t it be unfair that these people reading about glass beach in articles online come to see it and find that there’s no glass to see?

          1. Not a whole lot left to say other than I thought I had seen the epitome of stupid government regulations. The key word of course, being “government”. Be careful NOT to touch the ocean either. Finger and palm prints could damage the water….

          2. Kay Smith

            I live in Houston but I was born and raised in Southern California. I never knew about this beach and just stumbled across a photo of it on Pintrest. I plan to come and visit and although I’d love to have a momento of the beach (my home state), I 100% understand why the ordinance was put in place. Eventually there would be no tourist-thus less economy for that area. Think about all the people who go to Hollywood to see the famous sidewalk stars… If visitors could take the stars home eventually there wouldn’t be much of an attraction… Ha haaaa maybe I was reaching on that but I do respect and can appreciate the new rule. Can’t wait to come back home and visit the beach

          3. Rebecca Lorenzen

            Well all these people are right. I just got my Coastal Living magazine and saw a spot in there about Glass Beach. I thought awesome since I will be out there in a few weeks I can get a scoop for my beach sand collection. If I can’t do that I guess I will bypass it. I’m sure it’s beautiful. Leave it to California.

          4. Gaela Fisher

            why not just make more? It’s not like we don’t continually throw away glass.

          5. Tom

            I’m with Casey. Many folks commenting here are saying “glass is garbage” yet they want to collect it. An obvious contradiction.I’m a tourist and I hope to see glass on Glass Beach now and in the future.

          6. Eric

            Continue to keep the pollution.. Just for financial gain..

          7. Jennifer

            Just a little education for those of you who seem to be under the impression that keeping anyone from taking the glass as a souvenir is going to prevent the glass beach from eventually being non existent, your wrong. Eventually, over time, the pounding of the waves will continue to break down the glass, just as it has over the past 50+ years, until eventually it becomes nothing more than sand. So why not allow people to take a few pieces as a souvenir, at ease it Wil be preserved. Because more than likely, it won’t last another 50 years.

          8. Vaughn

            Dear Casey,

            You deserve some kind of medal! From the comments on this site, you must deal with some of the most stupid, clueless and selfish people in the world. When you speak to them face-to-face, do they understand that if everyone takes the glass there will eventually be nothing left? If you tell me that is beyond their level of intelligence, I’ll completely understand.

            Good luck with your work. The income from a few $500 fines will hopefully help you perform your job even better.

          9. Chuck Tyler

            I agree with Casey. Because of the photos on the internet, we traveled 6 hours to come to Ft Bragg and seeing Glass Beach was on the top of our list. We were very disappointed in what we found. Folks have been taking so much of the glass for so long, what we thought we would see wasn’t there. We also met a couple from Kansas who felt the same way. Please don’t get me wrong. You folks live in a beautiful place and Ft Bragg is definitely a go to destination. But the Glass Beach was a disappointment. And, yes, I left the glass there.

          10. norma samaniego

            Is like in white sand new mexico you can enter and enjoy the beautifull view but you not available to take white sand.

          11. Alison Carlson

            I think if you are not going to allow anyone to take any sea glass, you should make selling of sea glass in shops illegal, since the glass was obviously illegally taken from the beach.

          12. BEVERLY

            I collect sea glass from New Jersey beaches and love when I find a piece, it’s a treasure so I totally understand why they don’t want people to take it. I would just love to go see the beauty of it. It’s best to hunt and seek sea glass instead of just walking and filling your pockets so eventually there would be no sea glass to look at.

          13. Mary Jo

            Here’s a thought – put more glass in? Seriously there is so much NOT being recycled just make the world send their I recycled glass to you all and make it part of the tourist attraction that people can make a wish and toss it it for future generations to find. Or at least restrict everyone to only taking 1 piece.

          14. Bill

            Only makes sense if trash created this eighth wonder then we should be allowed to bring our glass recycle to the beach and exchange it for beach glass. This is one of those zero-sum scenarios governments like, and think of the glass we can remove from Washington, Oregon. This would be an historical site for way more generations and promote recycling. Glass did not just appear in the water. Lol

          15. Gordon

            Simple just have people donate glass bottles and such to the cause…lol

          16. Gwyn

            I have to say that everywhere I’ve ever gone, Paris, Rome, I have brought back a little momento of my trip. To go to glass beach and not be able to take a few pieces away with me as a reminder of my trip seems like a waste. You didn’t pay to create the beach, limit what people can take, it’s like going to a beach here on the east coast and saying you can’t take a sea shell.

          17. Casey, you have convinced me not to come to your area for a visit. I don’t need to travel over 500 hundred miles to see a beach with sea glass when I can view the pictures online. Besides, there are plenty of beaches around here which have sea glass. Too bad the state, and the town is looking at the glass half empty.

          18. Tara

            I am coming for my 55 birthday to Glass Beach. Where do you recommend we stay. Dog friendly hotel. Mon-Thursday. 10/17-10/20 Thank you.

          19. Hi Tara,

            Here is a list of pet friendly lodging for Mendocino County, , there are lots in Fort Bragg.

          20. DONNA FOSTER

            We actually come in hopes of finding a beautiful piece of colored glass, to maybe put into a necklace. It is the hunt for the beautiful treasure. I have no reason to come to your town now! This is really sad! No I don’t want a bucket full…. But a piece will not hurt that beach at all. How do you take your kids, and tell them how cool it is…. Oh but don’t touch it and no you cannot take one home with you. The piece of glass is a memory to them that no longer exists. This is like telling them they can’t pick up a shell off the beach. Really really sad!

        2. Brianna

          This is sad I was going to travel there to get a bit of glass to bring home as memories now ik not going there is so much of it there should be a limit not a restriction

          1. Will

            I’m with you Brianna, scratch it off the ‘bucket list’. Highway 1 is a “Bear” to drive anyway I’ll just stick with the Redwoods and turn back north at Eureka, Klamath, or Cresent City or head down Highway 101 if we decide to travel further south.

        3. Heather

          Seems some people have trouble understanding that more people matter than themselves. I’ll try and go, and NOT take anything, so beautiful gals still remains. If it’s “trash” as you say, why do you care so much?… Entitled fruitcakes…

          1. Hazel

            Your saying that they are ” entitled fruit cakes yet you want to be one as your saying you are entitled to taking glass. I suggest you research more . And isn’t that a complement ?

        4. Jim

          Because we live in the communist nation of California. Haha. We are such a bunch of suck ass liberals. That we let people dictate shit like this. It’s amazing. But. We earned it!!!!

          1. VALERIE

            One reason the ordinance came to be is that people were filling trash cans full of the glass Not just taking a momento or two The greed of these people, taking the glass in such quantities, is why others can now only gaze upon its beauty.

        5. Anna

          People who are selling sea glass probably got before 2015. I would be pissed off if I came to see sea glass at this beach and it was all gone because of inconsiderate, greedy people like you. Get a life, your biggest problem is not being able to get sea glass. Honestly people

        6. wendy wright

          i read if you go farther south of the main area you can still gather.. Last time i was there, there were people with hands full of glass. Is there police stopping people NOW???

          1. Nonette G Tsang

            Hi! We plan to go to Glass Beach on Feb 3. Can we still see glasses on the beach? It’s a long drive. We would appreciate it if you can tell us, if it is worth the time.

          2. Absolutely! Just be sure to check the tide charts on the day you plan to go. Here is the link,

            You’ll want to go at LOW tide to see more glass 🙂


        7. Faisal

          How do i take these glasses in Pakistan? I’d love to keep some kinds of these glasses.

        8. Tammy

          I think it is the most ridiculous thing ever. People go to beaches to collect treasures. I wonder why they didn’t put a sign up when it was a dump stating NOT to take the garbage. I can bet no one had a problem with people taking GARBAGE.. Now that people find the treasures that were turned from garbage, they can’t take it. I don’t know of any treasure collector that would go hunting just to not take it. I wouldn’t go to this beach. I will always go to where we can take our found (garbage/treasure) home. I mean it’s California NOT Thailand. I have no desire to visit California to begin with, but to know there are beaches and you can’t take home a treasure, I would never go then.

      2. Miele tree hugging sapsuckers is the reason why this nation is the way that it is

      3. There will always be the ignorants who don’t understand the joys of discovery, the prized collection to share and tell others of this must-see destination. Well, I’ve now crossed Glass Beach off my destinations list, as gorgeous as it may be. I prefer the hunt. Individual limits and/or fee permits in situations like this would have made much, much more sense, and preserved Fort Bragg’s Glass Beach tourist industry for decades to come

      4. Stick to your guns Casey. Take only photos, leave only footprints.

        Maybe Fort Bragg could “tumble” glass in a machine and sell it. Same look, same area.

        1. Anlala

          My thoughts exactly, Hans. I like Bill’s idea. Bring glass to recycle, take some beach glass home. We are not entitled to take whatever we want. There are plenty of flowers and animals that are protected. Besides, it’s not going to infringe on our rights to enjoy a beautiful place with our eyes, not our hands. Remember one of the first lessons we learned as toddlers?

        2. Karen

          PEOPLE! Can you not understand a basic principle?
          When in a museum you don’t touch the art, and don’t use a flash when taking a picture
          When in Muir Woods you stay on the paths and leave your chainsaw at home

          1. Linda mckay

            Actually, you can take pictures in the museums in Italy and France, including the louvre. But I get your point. But if you could limit it to one or two pieces. I wanted to go but have no desire now. It’s not exactly like a museum so I can pass. But I bet it is beautiful. Someone needs to figure out how to get more glass deposited so you have more and keep taking the glass to a minimum. They limit fish! That’s just awful that anyone would be so greedy as to take trash cans full. Kind of disgusting actually.

      5. Melissa

        It takes so incredibly long for the ocean to completely smooth the glass. The whole form is a fantastic show of art from nature. If we all took mementos then this wouldn’t be the site that people are actually traveling to see….something beautiful created from something thrown away.

        Ps, any craft store carries machine made beach glass…check out Micheals. Leave the natural stuff to those that appreciate it.

        1. Tammy Hewlette

          I’m curious, If glass is tumbled in a man made machine, can it really be called beach/sea glass???

          Sorry, I am a Sea Glass purist and consider calling fake “tumbled glass” sea/beach glass an abomination.

        2. Laura lake

          Glad someone mentioned machine made glass. I make jewelry and crafts with machine made glass all the time. It’s made in giant tumbles, like rock polishers. People selling things made of glass are buying it at craft stores or online.

      6. Donna

        This makes total sense. If everyone takes the glass in years to come there will be no beach. It is beautiful so let’s leave it the way we found it. Take incredible pictures that you will have forever.

      7. Karen

        So… keep throwing glass out to see… that sounds like a great way to recycle glass…

        1. Hazel

          No offences ( I don’t care if your offended , I’m not in the mood) but that’s kinda stupid . Broken glass will become a hazard and no one will be allowed to go there . Then more stuck up people will complain and complain like the children they are about it. If you just randomly throw glass there , it becomes a safety hazard. Animal populations will reduce as well as plant life. Does it sound like a good idea now ?

      8. Karen Brickell

        Look, enjoy, don’t touch! Like every child learns.

      9. Here’s my thoughts on this….I feel that the sea glass if left behind will only eventually be worn down by nature to nothing…gone forever. I would rather see it be used for jewelry and beautifully displayed to be seen and enjoyed.

      10. Although I live here in the SF Bay Area and I am heading to Ft. Bragg this Memorial Day Holiday (5/2017). No problem here with the rule “look but do not remove or disturb”. I get it and I am totally cool with that. Growing up in the Military – I understand rules and regulations!!!!

      11. William

        Your answer sounds like a typical hack response from a city / government servant.

        1. Thanks William, I do like to sound professional in my responses. Hope you have a wonderful day!

    2. connie o

      OMG! All you greedy people need to realize that a beautiful thing is rare & should be treated as such. I’ll bet you pick state flowers and take a sling shot to state birds for the FUN of it. Go somewhere else for your vacations or weekend jaunts where you can desecrate the loveliness Mother Nature has given us…even if it was, as you say, garbage. Heck, you can’t even go rifling through the city dumps anymore! Try your own backyard, you cruddy piece of trash. Don’t go to our national forests where you think you can destroy them with graffiti or feed the Bears (though, I might encourage you to approach the hungry ones). Gee whiz! Morons!

      1. Da Man

        Uh, you may want to defer to the rulings ushered into law by the California Coastal Commission, whereas the beach is owned by the PUBLIC, not by some city trying to drive tourism to their town. This is not some natural treasure like stalagmites from Carlsbad Caverns. It’s broken glass garbage that has been in a giant sea tumbler for decades. This is not a natural state for these beaches to be in. That’s like whining about people cleaning up the horse crap off the streets of Loredo, because some day people will come to see the “beautiful” textures of historical horse puckies as an attraction. You should be happy the tourists are willing to clean your beaches for free. Once they get there and find out they can’t pack that trash, they’re never coming back and telling their friends how douche baggy the people at Glass Beach are. Get it? Bye bye tourist bucks. All things are temporary.

        1. If it is so bad and just garbage, why do you all want it so bad?

        2. If the beaches are owned by the public, why do you all insist you take it home for yourselves? If it public property just like National Parks, you can’t take stuff.

        3. Thank you! That’s exactly what I was thinking! They’re trying to say it’s so natural and was naturally formed, that’s ridiculous! It’s all trash that shouldn’t be there in the first place! SMH

        4. I can’t believe the stupidity of some of these people. If you are not willing to preserve the beauty of this country, find another one to live in!!

          1. Cassie

            Why do all you a*holes think that everything on Earth is just there for your taking? Would you be ok me coming onto your property and taking your things? No. Would you be ok with me ripping all the trees out of the ‘public’ parks your kids play in just because they’re public and I should be able to enjoy them as I want (as a private citizen)? Doubtful. Quit being so damn selfish and appreciate how nature has interacted with the shit we have done to try to destroy it. Fill your home with love, not things.

        5. Hazel

          Actually , as the glass is smooth now , the creatures living there have adapted . Take that away and they will have to adapt again ! that would be really sad wouldn’t it ?

      2. Mamaofthreeloves

        Connie O you should get that stick up your ass professionally looked at.

        1. Robyn Liston

          Yikes! The point is that Mother Nature took our reckless treatment of her and turned it into something beautiful and rare! Sure, I’d like to take some home, it’s really beautiful. But if we all took just a little it would eventually disappear and cause harm to the now balanced ecosystem. It’s Bigger than the Government AND bigger than the Individual. I’m sure I’ll get some lovely pictures!

      3. Michele

        Not to burst Connie’s cynical bubble, but two of the three glass beaches in Fort Bragg are NOT state park. Check the maps.
        And as for taking ALL the glass, it would take many more decades to collect all the glass and other artifacts that are on the shore due dumping. And don’t forget to take into account what was illegally dumped years after the new regulations were made and dump sites relocated.
        Maybe Fort Bragg should take some advice from Lincoln City with their glass floats. They have been able to keep a tradition going and the history of their town. Just check out “Finders Keepers”

        1. Tina

          Thank you for the info about “Finders Keepers.” I just looked it up on the website and it sounds so fun. I think I just changed my future road trip plans from Fort Bragg to this instead. Part of the attraction for visiting Glass Beach was the whole satisfaction of experiencing the “hunt.” Although I would still like to see it one day & I do somewhat understand the logic of preserving it, I am not as intrigued to going now…..I think the rules should be modified somewhat. I would actually pay for the glass that I found in order to have the ability to beachcomb or “hunt” for a few small treasures to keep.

      4. C J N

        Sadly, Connie O & all these proponents of preserving their special glass beach need to get their facts straight. This beach was a product of the early 1900’s dumping of garbage into the ocean. While I agree that it is beautiful, I have also seen this special “beach glass” even on the shores of the great lakes. There are NO restrictions here about picking up beach glass. Furthermore, if you take the time to investigate this phenomenon, you will find that this beach glass will was created through erosion. The future of this glass is that it will eventually erode into SAND. Why not let this glass be collected for posterity before it ceases to exist? (Please see the Weather Chanel special on 7/17/16 reporting on the Fort Braggs beach).

      5. Anita Malo

        Well said! Geez ppl! Have some appreciation for the beauty of our earth!

      6. Cheryl Arms

        Thank you Connie. Even if it only lasts for 50 years, at least it will be there till then. Why collect the glass as it will just end up in some drawer and then thrown out because you forgot why you have it. Get a souvenir in a shop.

      7. Franci Pennington

        Thank you, your response was right on the mark!

      8. Glenys Wolmarans

        Well said, Connie O – like a bunch of spoilt petulant kids with entitlement issues, some folk believe that rules don’t apply to THEM. Pretty disgusting, smh.

      9. Shannon

        morons? really…mother nature did not create seaglass…man dumped his trash for years on that beach and the sea naturally did its thing, and its precious? Please…it was trash and now its treasure, and it should be okay to take a few pieces away….

    3. Daddy's little one

      When I was a child in the 50s we went once a year to the beach and hunted for agates. I’ve watched over my lifetime the agates get smaller and smaller. My dad had said that this would happen as the shelf of agate rock eroded over time. Agate hunters, like our family, may have added to the disappearance or like archeologists saved them for future generations. Some are in my garden now. Wonderful reminders of our camping trips to Neptune beach, on the Oregon coast. I sometimes found sea glass and asked Daddy if it was an agate. I thought it was so pretty. Daddy would say “that’s a leaverite” which meant, not an agate. So I say, if you want to visit the sea glass beach, look, photograph it, but “leave it rite” there. You can’t take petrified rock from the Petrified Forest so leave this new sign of nature’s magic there for all to enjoy until nature takes it away. Some wise person should open a glass recycling plant and make man- made copies to sell to tourists.{ Oh by the way, I’m not going to vote for The Dumpster.}

    4. Crystal

      I don’t have a problem following a law and I’m hoping it’s still worth going.The glass will be gone eventually anyway. It’s only a matter of time…..

    5. Syd Bingham

      I know someone who would take forty pounds of sea glass when she visited, she makes jewelry and sells it, she is not alone and I think that is why it is now restricted, it’s like the gold rush for some folks. When I visited it was fun to get a pocketful but that was a long time ago.

      1. Kristin Suratt

        Thank you for understanding that the seaglass is precious and limited, and for changing your behavior as you became aware of the value of keeping the sea glass on Glass Beach where it belongs. Pass the word and remind people that we’ve instituted a $500 fine for removing the sea glass.

    6. Tammie

      If everyone took sea glass at every visit there would be nothing left to enjoy. Pinterest has a way you can make your own. Leave those on the beach for everyone to enjoy b

    7. Me

      Then make your own. It is historic…shame on you.

    8. Coleen

      Go Mary!! Right there with you girl

    9. johanna

      There will be no glass left for others to enjoy if people continue take the glass at glass beach. Please do not be selfish about this. I have lived in Fort Bragg for 41 years and trust me there is little glass remaining at glass beach. I walk on the coastal trail 3 times a week and know it is quickly disappearing. Thank you for enjoying the beach and not taking the glass. This note is from some one who cares for the beach and the beauty of Fort Bragg. If you feel you have to take some home please don’t come to this area. Thanks!

    10. Sarah

      I can not believe the utter disrespect of some of the comments. Its a park, for people to enjoy. I live in Ft Bragg, and Ive been going to glass Beach my whole life (42 years). There is a notable difference each year, with glass going home soon there won’t be any thing left. There are rules put in place for a reason, and if you opened your mind and think about it for a nano second you might understand why, instead of posting selfish comments like” I’ll take it, to bad”.. or” its garbage, it should be taken home”. Most of the people who take it don’t do anything with it, and it ends up in the land fill. Why not just lave it be so the rest of the world can see what a beautiful place we have here.

    11. karen M morales

      I feel it is ridiculous also but I can understand their side too but still if I go there and traveled a good distance I’m going to take some not a whole bunch but some as for my sister just passed away with cancer and that’s what you wanted and that’s what I’m going to get it’s part of her bucket list

      1. Ann

        Then I sit also impossible to catch people and fine them $500? Do they have sea glass police that search people when they come off the beach? I don’t understand how they can enforce this.

    12. Marie A uselton

      What my cousins got me is better than nothing

    13. Marta McCombs

      Maybe if people weren’t greedy!!! Why do people have to take!!! Why not leave it where it is?? Let others enjoy the beauty!!! So you are going to tell people not to go see this wonderful beach because they are not allowed to steal the glass!! Are you and your people greedy or just thieves?? Haven’t you gotten enough after 12 years?

    14. Marta McCombs

      People I believe are greedy!! Maybe they want to take and sell it!! That’s what has them upset!! I thought you go to enjoy places for their beauty not to rape the landscape!!! And it shouldn’t matter how much there is, it doesn’t belong to you!!! Leave it alone!! And we wonder why we have a generation of entitled brats!!! Listen to the parents!!!

    15. Tons of sea glass washes up on Maine inlets but there is very little. It is all in people’s home in ashtrays, bottles, thrown on counters, in people’s pockets. No more sea glass beach if they can take it

    16. Elizabeth

      But don’t you understand, there is only an 1/8 of what was there from when I was a child. If everyone takes some on their visits. Eventually there will be none left. Last time I went home. I saw people talking glad it by the bucket fulls. Why would you want to reject something that will keep glass beach beautiful for everyone??

    17. Cyndi

      The government doesn’t own nature even though it would like to. There’s sooooo many glass “rocks ” on that beach that the whole world could take some home with them and there would STILL be plenty left. Remember, all those weren’t created at the same time. And I’m sure they’re still being created as we speak. So if they think it would be a problem, then throw some more garbage in there and let nature do its thang!

    18. Denis Vincelette

      This type of glad is beautiful we should allow glass products to continue being dumped at these beach sites as a renewable product to save the resulting beauty for future generations. There is too much glass in our City dumps and they could be used as artificial reefs off any coastal town……

    19. Save the Glass

      It’s stupid and entitled to think you should be able to take glass home at will. It wouldn’t be a unique place without it!

    20. Mary, if everyone took the glass then eventually there would be none. This same restriction is in effect in all National Parks. Petrified Forest National Park was badly affected by people taking “souvenirs “. You may consider it garbage, but the glass is what makes it special!

    21. Sandy

      That’s what makes this beach so special. Visitors come to see the glass. If everyone takes it, it will be no more. White Sands NM has tons of white sand but you can’t take it home. Why do people have so much issue with laws and restrictions? Really?

    22. shannon pulce

      Get over it

    23. Robert Bond

      It would seem that what people don’t understand is that this is not a natural thing that just happens no it’s happened because of what used to be the dump’s that where in the area and people dumping stuff in the ocean in that area but it doesn’t happen anymore so the ocean has nothing to use to keep making the glass with so if people keep taking it than yes they have ALLOT to lose they will lose all the glass

    24. Cathie

      Easy solution – keep illegal dumping of glass

    25. Uilani

      I completely understand this rule. While many other people will say it’s trash, nature made it beautiful. Nature took it among herself to correct what humans sought out to destroy. Who are we to claim it back? Typical human nature we trashed it, now since nature did her best to fix it, let’s clean up this trash now that it’s beautiful.

    26. And what will you do when there is nothing left? That is a selfish way to think. You can take beautiful pictures and hang them or sell them. This is how certain species become extinct. Selfish people have to take take take until there is nothing left. So sad. Break some glass, throw in a tumbler and a few days later you will have sea glass. I’ve made beautiful jewelry of vases, beer bottles, pop bottles. Clear glass turns out frosty white.

    27. matthew robison

      They pollute for a century, and then when people come to pick it up it’s illegal. Clean up all that trash. It’s not natural, its trash.

    28. Robert Jewell

      Wow. Casey, I’m so appalled at the comments leveled against you. Tough crowd, eh? I’m baffled at the legions of complainers who just don’t get it. For me, the most important part of visiting a beautiful beach is the memory. No souvenir can match the memory for how that place made me feel. Seems simple. Don’t take the glass. It took many years to reach its current form. If everybody took some, we’d eventually run out. And seriously? Just add more? Sleep through science class, did ya?

    29. Lisa Douglad

      I am so glad I read this!! I won’t make the long trip to Glass Beach if you can’t bring home any of the sea glass!! I will make sure to tell my family and friends, too. What a disappointment!!

    30. Dee

      I think it should be aval for the public . Artist will turn into some wonderful items. At a cost no doubt

    31. To Mary Peterson posted on May 12, 2016. We traveled all the way from Florida to photograph the Fort Bragg sea/beach glass and it is because of people like you stealing the glass, in backpacks, five gallon buckets and plastic bags, that there was almost no sea/beach glass. My family was very sad to see the thieves ignoring the law and walking away with every piece of glass they could pick up and haul away. At low tide, half the beach was sand, when it should have been loaded with glass. One lady told us that she lived in town and came to the beach every day to collect the sea/beach glass which was sold to local artists. If you steal all the glass, then you will not have tourists. Mary Peterson, it has been illegal to take anything from a public park, and this beach has been a public park for quite some time. So, how dare you think that this sea/beach glass is there for you to steal. Shame on you Mary Peterson. If you need the glass so bad, buy yourself a tumbler and you can make all you want. Fort Bragg, I hope you start punishing these people that steal glass with hefty fines, and double the fines to those who sell it to local artists.

    32. bob meyer

      have you ever been to the petrified forrest? . .. if everyone in the USA took one piece it would be gone forever . . . it was garbage . . now its magic

    33. Susan

      Visited one of those beaches around 2002 and brought home gorgeous intriguing assortment of sea worn broken porcelein n clay dishes sea worn glass chunks. Rocks blended in with dinner plate pieces. Even saw a fork that had half way merged into a sea rock. Incredible. It was garbage that the sea was incorporating into its ecosystem n we could take what we could carry. Im glad i did

    34. Susan

      Sorry but some things all people dont have a birthright to see. But im sure law was made in interest of protecting tourism $$$ only. Not so people from 2765 miles away may feel like seeing it

    35. Paniz

      Can you stop being so rude? The glass is beautiful and if you think not then shut up!!!

    36. I’ve read all the comments and I can see both sides. I’ve been thinking about it for a few days. As many have pointed out it was a trash dump, the glass is a result from that trash, this is a beach and I would assume anything that is found in the water can’t be regulated but, I don’t know that for sure. What’s on the beach because it’s a State Park can be regulated. State Parks have regulations or rules, they have so many visitors year round and are needed, such as No Littering, (maybe a little ironic as it was a dump site many years ago) but you get the point.

      Non the less, how many people travel to beautiful places and they don’t really take in where they are or what they are doing. Instead they are looking through their phones to get pictures and they don’t feel or remember the experience.

      Yes, they can prove they have been somewhere but, have they really been when they never stopped to see, hear, smell, feel the environment they were in, experience the moment and engrave it in their memory?

      I am guilty of taking things, like sand, shells and sea glass from beaches I visit, pine cones and rocks from Mountain, Canyon or Lake locations I’ve been too. I love nature and I’ve collected things but, I don’t feel if I go to a place and can’t take a piece of it back with me that I am somehow missing out, I’m okay with that.
      It doesn’t take away from the experience for me, I’ll take a picture and enjoy the moment, take it in and have a lovely memory.

      So maybe, instead of feeling entitled or that you would be disappointed if you travel somewhere and can’t take anything back with you, that it no longer has any worth, value or fun for you. Consider this, if you have the time to do these things, the financial means to get you to these beautiful places, the ability physically to be there, and maybe with some of the people you love in your life, then shouldn’t that be enough? Aren’t you blessed or lucky, (whatever adjective you use) to be there? But, if you think it’s not good enough for you and that it’s not worth the trip because you can’t take something back with you, then maybe you shouldn’t go. Leave it for people who can experience something and walk away and be satisfied with simply having been there and having a great day.

    37. How do you preserve something so unusually beautiful and unique if you take away that which makes it unique? If everyone takes from it eventually there will be nothing left. It’s cool to look at. That old phrase “see with your eyes not your hands” comes to mind. 🙂

    38. Kristin

      This is not garbage. It WAS garbage that has turned into a beautiful art form by nature, much like the grain of sand in the oyster turning into a pearl. If you are calling it garbage why are you so concerned that you can’t take any? I agree that the people who complain are selfish me, me, me generation. If you want sea glass go on EBay or to Florida or Wal-mart for that matter. Leave the beach’s beauty for others.

    39. Skipper Whitney

      I am so glad I found this page. Our family collects sea glass from around the world. We were planning to drive over 6 hours, get hotel and spend a few days here searching for sea glass. Now that we have learnt it is illegal to take our findings, we will be looking for other places in California to find sea glass and will be spending our money there instead. How sad for this town, I cannot imagine what negative impact this will have on the tourism. My daughters makes the glass into beautiful jewelry and art pieces, something they enjoy as it’s part of recycling.

    40. Kathy Tuxbury

      I so agree I think if you were able to take a few pieces of the sea glass with it couldn’t hurt or upset the eco system as a matter of fact it should help clean up the area! What a souvenir!

    41. Hazel

      Seriously , the town will suffer if the glass in taken cause there would not be anything left .