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Guest House Museum in Fort Bragg, CA
Downtown Fort Bragg is home to two unique museums, which are located across the street from each other but couldn’t be more different!

Guest House Museum

At the Guest House Museum you can learn about the founding of the City and the history of the timber industry as you tour the historic home of the first mayor and lumber baron Charles Russell Johnson. More than 25 years ago, the State of California declared that the Guest House Museum in Downtown Fort Bragg was a point of historical interest.

It was built mostly from coastal redwood in 1892 for Tom Johnson, a family business partner in Fort Bragg Redwood Company, as his private residence. All wood used in the structure was milled by Fort Bragg Redwood Company. Before the house was finished and by direction of the company’s founder, Charles Russell Johnson, it became the lumber company’s home for senior officials and VIP guest visitors to the Fort Bragg mill and logging sites. Fort Bragg Redwood Company became Union Lumber Company in 1905 and the Guest House continued in its role until ULCo sold to Boise-Cascade Corporation, and later still to Georgia-Pacific Corp. G-P donated the home to the City of Fort Bragg on closing their Fort Bragg plant in the 1990s.

Triangle Tattoo Museum

On the other side of Main Street you will find the one-of-a-kind Triangle Tattoo Museum with a fascinating display featuring the cultural history of tattooing around the world. Proprietor Madame Chinchilla has been featured on the Discovery Channel, and she has written a number of books about body art.
Triangle Tattoo Museum and Parlor

House Museums

There are a bunch of “House” Museums on the Mendocino Coast. To get the brochure, visit the Mendocino Coast Chamnber of Commerce visitor center on Main Street (Highway 1) in Fort Bragg across from CVS or ask at your lodging customer service desk.

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