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  1. Hi. My name is Diana Johnson. My husband and I are looking for a rental in Fort Bragg. We are very clean, responsible folks who take good care of our home. We have retirement and employment income. We have a small dog and an old cat that are well-trained and behaved. We are semi-retired and about to begin working for the Center for Spiritual Living in Fort Bragg. We were both educators of children, my husband as a Kindergarten teacher then as the director of the Charter School, and I, as a home school facilitator/teacher. We have both a retirement income and a salary. We write, play and record Spiritual music and enjoy sharing music with the community. We love to learn, to garden, to hike and be outdoors. I enjoy cooking and a little sewing and gathering with friends. Chris is very handy and keeps up with repairs of all kinds. We have been landlords so we understand the importance of good tenants. We take good care of our home and treat it as our own when renting. We have excellent references both in Redding and Fort Bragg. Please write back if this sounds interesting to you.
    Thank you so much.

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