Bed Bandits

East Redwood Avenue 234
Fort Bragg 95437 CA US
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Welcome to Bed Bandits! We are Patrick Turner and Bianca Frediani, the creators of Bed Bandits. Here is our story:
Patrick Turner comes from the world of beds. His father is the founder of FloBeds, an independent mattress company based in the small coastal town of Fort Bragg, California. He is also the mayor of Fort Bragg, and has made improving the lives of the local homeless population a cornerstone of his time in office. Bianca Frediani comes from the world of service. Her father spent 30 years as a firefighter, putting his life on the line to help save others. He is also a smart businessman and taught Bianca about picking smart investments.

When Bianca and Patrick fell in love, they talked about what kind of legacy they wanted to leave behind in the world. They began to discuss how they could follow in their fathers’ footsteps—leading lives that merged business and service. Patrick had developed the idea of a secure mattress topper for college students in a marketing class while he was still in college himself. Bianca suggested taking his original idea and giving it more meaning. After speaking to local shelters and learning about families who had to sleep on floors and desks when they ran out of beds, they decided for every three toppers sold, one would be donated to a shelter or someone in need. Together, they left their corporate jobs and developed a business model that would be equal parts great product and great cause. They’ve already teamed up with shelters and cannot wait to start making a difference—with your help!

Please join our merry band of bandits, and increase your comfort while supporting a cause. You’ll sleep better at night!

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