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The Ka Kahleh South Trail

The southern portion of the Ka Kahleh Trail (Pomo language for White Water Trail) is part of Noyo Headlands Park. An additional mile of trail, with projected completion by 2018, will connect it with the northern portion of the trail, which extends from Pudding Creek Trestle to MacKerricher State Park (and an additional 5 miles of trails).

Ocean View South TrailJust when you thought it couldn’t be any more beautiful in this town, this trail went right ahead and raised the bar! After you pass the parking lot and restrooms at the foot of Cypress Street, you’ll hit the paved trail and be surrounded by open fields and headlands.  Along the way, you’ll find Skip’s Punchbowl hiding on the left side of the trail. When you go at high tide, it does look like a punch bowl! About a mile out along the trail you can look down on the pavement and see a cool compass with arrows indicating the distances south to Mexico or north to Oregon.

Skips PunchbowlThe wild cow parsnips, other wildflowers and thistles (careful!) are very photogenic, so if you’re a photographer, you’ll enjoy snapping a photos of flowers and ocean vistas along the trail. A little further and you’ll find a spiral rock mound that kids enjoy climbing, and at the northernmost tip of the trail, a wind-seat sits overlooking the ocean for the greatest finale (well worth the walk to see it, and we recommend siting down and relaxing for a moment while you enjoy the spectacular ocean view). Other artist-built benches dot the coasline, and at one end of the South trail, you can look across to the bluffs and see the bridge and Noyo Harbor.

South Trail CompassAlso on the trail is the new Noyo Center for Marine Science visitor center, The Crow’s Nest, open Thursday-Monday from 11:00 am – 3:00 pm, where you can see interesting exhibits and talk to the docents. There is also an off-leash dog park on the trail near the parking lot.

The entire Kah Kahleh Trail features s also a great place to catch a glimpse of migrating gray whales in season. Bring your family, friends and on-leash pets ; the trail is open from dawn until dusk.South Trail Benches

Foot of Cypress St
Fort Bragg
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