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The Noyo Headlands Park Trail

Visitors to Fort Bragg can now enjoy a wonderful new trail that begins at Noyo Headlands State Park at the westernmost edge of Elm Street. Opened in 2015, the trail head and parking lot are the gateway to Glass Beach and an 8-foot wide paved trail that meanders along the carefully restored coastal bluffs for more than a mile. A former mill site, the land was not accessible to the public for more than a century.

The trail is wheelchair accessible, and includes a dedicated footpath for running and bicycle access. Views along the trail are quite spectacular, with several access points down to the beach.

Along the trail, you’ll find picnic tables, observation benches, and informational signs depicting the history of the region and highlights of the natural world. Strolling along the bluffs, or descending the stairs to view the tidepools, it is a magnificent way to view the coastline on foot. As you continue south, you’ll pass the historical Dynamite Shack.

A breathtaking and memorable part of the trail is Otsuchi Point. The devastation and destruction of our beloved sister city of Otsuchi in Japan in 2011 has only deepened the bond our two cities share.  In addition to a beautiful compass rose on the site, there is a bench that also signifies the sister city relationship.

The Otsuchi Sister City Story

When Ken Sasaki was a boy in Otsuchi, his father, a fisherman, was lost at sea. Ken-san would sit on the bluffs overlooking the ocean, ever in search of any sign of his father. When he became older, he wondered what was on the other side of the ocean; who lived over there and what were they like? He drew a line across the Pacific and found Fort Bragg on the exact same latitude. In 2001, he made contact and invited Mayor Lindy Peters to come visit Otsuchi. The following year, September, 2002, the first group of Fort Bragg students went to Otsuchi. Subsequent student exchanges between the sister cities took place in 2002, 2004, 2006, 2008 and 2010. In 2005 a Sister-City Proclamation was declared  by Fort Bragg Mayor Dave Turner and Otsuchi Mayor Yamazaki. In March of 2017, several students from Otsuchi again made the pilgrimage to Fort Bragg, and we hope to continue this tradition for decades to come.

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