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Skateboarders at the Park
The Fort Bragg Skate Park is a must for families that skateboard together and skateboarders looking for a place to practice their moves or sharpen their skills. The park is a haven for the many skateboarders and board sports enthusiasts living and visiting the Mendocino coast.

A work in progress, the Fort Bragg Skate Park boasts a number of unique obstacles as well as standard skate park features.  Nestled in a quiet neighborhood, it borders the aquatic and fitness center which makes it a perfect and fun destination for the whole family. Local skateboarders are welcoming and supportive.

As one mother of a local skateboarder put it, “I am thankful for it every day… a place where kids can set goals for themselves and work over and over until they achieve them. It’s a place where kids can learn from each other and figure out how to share and get along.” Most of the experienced older skateboarders encourage, nurture and help the younger skaters develop their skills. Camaraderie and supporting your fellow skateboarders’ efforts is strongly encouraged.

The skate park is free, and open to the public from 9 am to sunset. Full protective gear is required, and bicycles are not permitted. Park patrons who skate without helmets and pads risk receiving hefty fines from local police who regularly patrol the plaza.

The Fort Bragg Skate Park is located at the C.V. Starr Community Center at 300 South Lincoln and Willow Streets in beautiful Fort Bragg, California. Meet local skateboarders and find out about new features on their Facebook page: The Fort Bragg Skate Park Coalition.


Skate Park
300 S. Lincoln St.
Fort Bragg, CA 95437

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