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Current Weather Forecast

These are good sources of current weather information:

Current Tides for Noyo Harbor

You can find local tide charts for Noyo River on the site. has predicted tide and wave info for the area. If you are coming to Fort Bragg for fishing or abalone diving, you can find out more about seasons and regulations on the Department of Fish and Game site.

Average Weather: Precipitation, Temperatures, Sunshine

For 7 months of the year, we get less precipitation than the rest of the country, and for 5 months we get more.

If you like moderate weather with highs around 68 and lows around 40, Fort Bragg is the place for you.

And contrary to what some may say, it’s a pretty sunny place. It turns out we have 9 months with more sunshine than the rest of the country.

Weather Averages Chart

For the mathematically inclined, this chart shows the average high and low temperatures and precipitation by month.

Month Average Low Average High Rainfall
Jan 39 55 7.5″
Feb 41 56 7.0″
Mar 42 57 6.0″
Apr 43 59 3.0″
May 45 61 2.0″
Jun 47 64 0.5″
Jul 49 67 0.0″
Aug 50 68 0.5″
Sep 50 68 1.0″
Oct 48 66 2.5″
Nov 44 61 5.5″
Dec 40 55 6.5″
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